Voices on the Quad: How Students Are Staying Social With COVID Restrictions

by Adrianne Hutto, Contributor 

Meeting new people, spending with friends, and socializing often are main components of the college experience. However, the social aspect of college has changed as a result of COVID-19. On top of adapting to online classes, students are now faced with adjusting their regular social activities to COVID-safe and socially distant alternatives. While it may seem like there are not a lot of options for socialization, there are several ways to spend time in and out of the dorm without being exposed to an unsafe environment.

John Fitzsimmons, Class of 2023

Computer Science Major

How are you staying social with COVID restrictions?

I brought my laptop with me to school, so I play a lot of video games with my friends who are going to other schools far away. So it’s basically the same stuff I would be doing normally, but it does help to do it with all the social distancing. Instead of going over to other people’s dorms, I might just video call them instead of going over there and just showing up. So those are the two big things I do to be socially distant. But even whenever I’m out in the hallways I try to give people extra space and all.

What are some off-campus activities you’ve done that are fun and how do you stay safe?

I try to find the cleanest spot on the subway to sit down and always try to avoid touching handles. I always just try to keep physical contact with stuff at a minimum. I wear my mask no matter where I go. Like I said before it’s all about personal space…. I do like to run in the park [and] I do that to say active since there are no sports or anything really.

How have COVID restrictions affected your social life?

So, I went to the city with a few friends. I just made sure I was wearing my mask. I wouldn’t say that it has really affected my social life that much.

Jamie Robbins, Class of 2024

Biology Major

What are some ways you’ve been social with COVID restrictions?

I went for a picnic, it was only with two other people, so it wasn’t that bad. We got food at Locke’s and then we went there and ate. We sat kinda far apart, it was nice.

What other things have you done around campus that are fun?

I know there’s a Stop & Shop, I walked there once and it was good, it wasn’t too far of a walk. I’ve really adapted to walking since I’ve been here. There’s a 24-hour Dunkin’ that’s two stops away, I like going there a lot.

Kevin McGoldrick, Class of 2024

Accounting Major

What are some ways you’ve stayed social with COVID restrictions?

To have fun we’ve been going to Van Cortlandt Park and playing soccer and football on the turf field by the stadium. Since we’re not very good football players it’s very distant.

When do you play?

Usually whenever everyone is done with classes. We go over for an hour or two.