Dynamic Style Looks Around Campus

by, Adrianne Hutto, Contributor

Tyla Boone- Freshman 

Wearing a white and black grid top from Garage, white slip-on Vans, black cuffed mom jeans from American Eagle, and a chain heart necklace from Tiffany & Co. 

You mentioned your top was from Garage, is that a brand?

It’s like Pacsun, except it’s all one main store. So, the Pacsun basic section is all of Garage.

Where do you get most of your clothes from?

I get a lot of my clothes from Nike. A lot of my clothes are from American Eagle. I get a lot of my tops from Garage or Pacsun.

Is there one aesthetic or style you like to follow?

No. I see a shirt that I like and I buy it.

Do you have any style inspirations?

I’m on Depop. I showed a couple of items there. My mom is a big inspiration. She picks a lot of my outfits when I’m confused about what top to wear. Maybe Zendaya, she’s a good one. I look at her clothes a lot to see what sneakers I want to buy.

What’s your mom’s style like?

90’s but make it mom appropriate. She wears a lot of sneakers, lots of jeans, lots of oversized sweatshirts, and she spices it up with a cute heel.

What is your staple piece?

The white crop top. Any variation of a white crop top. Whether it is ripped, scoop cut, straight neck, or bandeau.  

Would you be interested in doing anything in the fashion industry?

It’s more like a fun hobby. I tune into New York Fashion Week all the time, but it’s just something on the side.

Katelyn Lamb- Freshman

Wearing a thrifted olive shirt, stud earrings from Claire’s and golden hoops from Amazon, light-colored flare jeans with a Brandy Melville chain belt, low-cut white Air Force 1’s, black cat eye sunglasses from Shein, and a mask made by her mom, printed with avocado toast cloth from Joann Fabrics. 

What aesthetic do you try to follow? 
A mixture of Pinterest plus individual pieces that I arrange together. Somehow, it works out. 

What is your biggest influence for fashion?
A more subtle Emma Chamberlain.

When do you like to get dressed up?
It kind of varies. Sometimes I’ll go to school in a nice outfit just for kicks and giggles. Sometimes I go to school, and I wear sweatpants and a shirt that I went to sleep in. But usually it’s when I go out with friends or family. 

Would you be interested in doing anything in the field of fashion?
If I could, maybe, but in reality, I don’t think so. 

What is your staple piece/go to?
Probably hoops or a fun belt.

Jules Kelly- Freshman

Wearing a plaid scrunchie in a top knot, black octagonal sunglasses, a white t-shirt- all thrifted-dark-washed denim jeans from American Eagle, a black and white striped underneath from Old Navy, a black belt from Torrid, pendulous orange butterfly from an Instagram shop, and platform Doc Martens.

Where do you do most of your shopping?

I usually do online, and if it’s not online, I do thrift most of my clothes.

For online stores, I usually do American Eagle or I try to stick to smaller brands.

Is there a style aesthetic that you like to follow?

I like streetwear and e-girl, as well as punk and club kid of the 80’s.

I’ve noticed that you like to stamp a star below your eye as a part of your make-up look, is that something you came up with or did you see it somewhere?

I’ve had the stamp for years now and it’s becoming more popular now, I’m seeing more people do it, but I like to stamp my cheek, or my eyebrows. I think it just adds style. 

What made you get interested in fashion?

It’s mostly just self expression.

Would you ever be interested in a career in fashion?

It’s just a hobby for me.