Danny Devito Debuts on Campus

by, Mariana Duque, Contributor

#It’s Always Sunny In MC! 

That is the tagline of the latest sensation taking Manhattan College by storm, a reference to the sitcom “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.”

Four creative MC students have been taking pictures of a Danny Devito poster around campus and posting it on Instagram on @dannytakesmc. Occassionally posing with fellow students, Devito has been spotted in dorm room windows, and on the quadrangle. 

The initiative started when one of the account members, Louis Giacomo, a junior, searched for dorm decoration on Amazon and stumbled across a Danny Devito poster. 

“The whole birth of this idea started when I got a poster of Danny in February,” Giacomo said.  

Giacomo is familiar with Devito’s work, as he watched It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia with some of his friends and he liked Devito’s character. He found the character “very funny” and instantly became a fan. 

He spread the word to his two friends and roommates, who are also co-creators of the Instagram account, Patrick Lanigan and Michael Ficaro. 

(From left to right) Michael Ficaro, Louis Giacomo, Lyvia Murry and Patrick Lanigan,creators of the Danny Devito Instagram
account taking Manhattan College by storm

The three friends wanted to “have fun on campus this year” and they soon joined with a freshman, Livia Murry, who was also on board with the initiative. 

“I met them beforehand, so they indoctrinated me into the group,” said Murry about joining the three students. 

After getting together, they decided to create the account. 

“I took four pieces of paper and went crazy and wrote @dannytakesmc and then propped it up the window,” Lanigan said regarding the promotion of the account on campus. 

After posting Devito in a window in Lee Hall, the creators have only had one minor run in with Residence Life. 

“They asked us to take down the tagline,” Ficaro said. “It has only been that.” 

Lanigan added, “We’ve had no problem with security besides the tagline.”. 

With the poster already  up in their room on Lee’s 10th floor and a plan ahead, they made their first social media post. 

The account itself is managed by the foursome but mostly controlled by Ficaro. Lanigan is the artist of the group, Giacomo is the overall director or “CEO” of the group, and Murray is a general consultant. 

After posting their first picture of the Danny Devito poster against the MC banner that read “opening weekend”, they started gaining some followers. 

They took several pictures of the poster around campus and after two weeks, @dannytakesmc had 148 followers on Instagram. Currently, the account holds 153 followers. 

The group keeps posting photos on the platform and encourages MC students to have fun with the poster. 

“If people wanna take pictures with Danny they are encouraged to do so” Ficaro said. “We will certainly have Danny with us.” 

The foursome also revealed they have big upcoming plans for the account. 

“We’ll have a birthday party for him on November 17th,” Giacomo said. 

“Stay tuned,” Ficaro teased. “There are bigger plans for this semester.”