So…Who Got Struck by Q-Pid?

By August Kissel and Rose Brennan, Senior Writers

Love is in the air, Jaspers! 

Over the course of The Quad’s inaugural “Struck by Q-pid” experiment, we received 73 submissions to our initial survey. Of these 73, we were able to match up 25 couples from the submissions to our survey. This process included breaking down star signs, comparing Netflix binging capabilities, and scouting out similar music tastes. Of these 25 couples quite a few went on dates with their match, though with varying success.

Out of the 50 people who were paired up, 14 responded back to The Quad regarding their experience on their blind dates. Several of them went on dates as friends, while others were potentially romantic. And some of these lovebirds may have felt a spark.

One of these people was junior Jana Clark. Clark signed up for Struck by Q-Pid to channel her Leo energy and to meet new people on campus. She and her date went for coffee and had a nice, long chat in Kelly following.  During this time, they found they had several things in common, including their taste in art and their love for music and going to concerts.

Clark would consider going on a second date with her match.

“It was a fun and casual way to get to know someone I wouldn’t have met otherwise, and who knows, maybe it will actually go somewhere,” she said. 

The Quadrangle’s own Gabriella DePinho was also matched for the column.  Unlike Clark, she actually knew her match prior to their date.  Though it didn’t end up being a romantic date, she nevertheless had a great time when the two went on a low-key friend date at An Beal Bocht Cafe.

DePinho noted her match’s similar sense of humor as a specific thing.

“Even when some of our other friends were around, we were cracking jokes that only the other one found funny,” she said.

While DePinho would not consider going on a second date with her match, she nevertheless considers her experience with “Struck by Q-pid” to be a positive one.

“I didn’t quite go on the date that I had hoped for but it was still a good time,” she said. “This was definitely a better experience than any dating app would have given me.” 

Freshman Maddie Byrne was a unique sign-up for “Struck by Q-pid.”  They already have a romantic partner, but were interested in using the service to find a new friend, because soulmates aren’t always lovebirds. And find one they did.

Byrne and their friend met up in Kelly to hang out and chat.  While Byrne was not able to spend as much time as they would have liked with their match, they nevertheless had a positive experience.

Like Clark, Byrne was able to meet someone similar to them and make a connection with her.

“This service was a really fun way to meet someone I would’ve never met otherwise,” they said.

Junior Nick Chiofalo went on a laid-back date to Broadway Joe’s.  He felt his date went quite well, and enjoyed the pleasant conversation with his match.  They also bonded over their interest in media and their mutual belief that children under five should not go to Disney World.

“[I signed up to] meet a cool person, get a new friend, [and] see what transpires from there,” he said.

That’s all we can share with you this time around Jaspers! Thank you for participating, for trusting us and putting your hearts in our hands. We hope your year is filled with love, both romantic and platonic, because you lovebirds deserve it! Until next year!

All our love,

“Hotter than” August Kissel & “Will You Accept this” Rose Brennan


Editor’s note: Gabriella DePinho is the Editor-in-Chief of The Quadrangle