So…Who Got Struck by Q-Pid?

By August Kissel and Rose Brennan, Senior Writers Love is in the air, Jaspers!  Over the course of The Quad’s inaugural “Struck by Q-pid” experiment, we received 73 submissions to our initial survey. Of these 73, we were able to match up 25 couples from the submissions to our survey. This process included breaking down star signs, comparing Netflix binging capabilities, and scouting out similar music … Continue reading So…Who Got Struck by Q-Pid?

Meet Your MatchMakers!

Seniors August Kissel and Rose Brennan lead the match-making service now known as “Struck by Q-pid”. Participants filled out a Google Form answering questions about themselves, and the two MatchMakers set up dates based on the answers. Name: “Hotter Than” August Kissel Pronouns: She/Her/Hers Major: International Studies, minors in Spanish and Religious Studies Favorite Color: Yellow Ideal Date? Going to an art museum! I get … Continue reading Meet Your MatchMakers!