Real Estate Club Offers Opportunities and Experiences for Business Students

by Gillian Puma, Senior Writer 

The O’Malley School of Business Offers a variety of clubs for business students. Clubs such as the entrepreneurship club and the investment club give students the opportunities to learn more about how the business world works, while not being limited to just business students. This semester, the O’Malley School of Business has introduced a new club to educate students on real estate.

“We’re excited to be starting a new initiative in real estate in the O’Malley School of Business,” Donald E. Gibson, dean of the O’Malley School of Business said. “This club is a sign of strong student interest along with fully enrolled classes at both the undergraduate and graduate levels this semester.”

The real estate club is advised by Richard Ross, director of graduate recruitment programs in the school of business as well as the visiting assistant instructor of real estate. Ross teaches two courses on real estate as well, leading the initiative in real estate education at the college. The club came into existence through recommendation by the alumni association.

“There’s a group of alumni who specialize in real estate development,” Ross said. “This group of individuals pressed the school and the dean to start a real estate program at the school.”

The club is responsible for the establishment of real estate courses offered this semester. However, there is not a formal real estate program offered at the school yet. There is currently one class for undergraduates and one for students pursuing a master’s degree.

“The club is designed to promote the real estate classes and the real estate curriculum at the school.” Ross said.

The club also offers an introduction to the real estate industry. They hold presentations from real estate professionals, the first of these presentations was Ackerman Development, which was presented by real estate developer Ariel Ackerman.

“In a few weeks the students are going to do a tour of the Higgins Building, which is the new engineering building

Ross also shared how the club members are given the opportunity to connect with the real estate alumni.

“Those individuals are providing internships and jobs to Manhattan College students, whether they specialize in real estate or not,” he said. “They bridge that interaction through working with me to connect to the alumni that are working in real estate right now.”

The school of business has three departments. These departments include accounting, business analytics, computer information systems and law, economics and finance, and management and marketing. In the long term, the club’s goal is to add real estate into these depar tments.

“For now, our initial goal is to create a real estate minor within the undergraduate curriculum. So you can be a major in accounting and a minor in real estate,” Ross said.

The executive board of the computer informations system club consists of co-presidents Artur Polyak and Aidan Gormley, Communications and Information Officer Mike Forrester, and Technology Officer John A. Marziaz.

“The mission of the Real Estate Club is to provide interested students with opportunities for professional experience, engage in cross disciplinary learning, and to network with alumni and industry professionals,” Gormley said.

Gormley also shared some of the notable alumni that will be presenting through the Real Estate Club.

“John Vazquez who heads all of Verizon’s real estate and Jason Kroeger who is a broker at Cushman and Wakefield are both strong supporters,” he said. “Jason Kroeger will be in on March tenth to speak about his career path from Manhattan College to Cushman & Wakefield.”

For those who want to attend other upcoming events through the Real Estate Club, they can go to for more information.