Letter from the Editor

Hi readers!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the first few issues! Everyone has been writing so much that there hasn’t been room for me to write to you. This week we wrote so much that we’re publishing 16 pages, instead of our usual 12.

I have some exciting news for you but before I get there, I want to recognize some particular members of our staff who have been doing a great job.

Samantha Walla, our Production Manager, has been making fantastic graphics for both Manhattan Caucus and for “Struck by Q-pid,” in addition to the work she already does. Her work is super important and I am so grateful to have such a reliable PM.

Rose Brennan and Megan Dreher have done a fabulous job so far with Manhattan Caucus. They have committed themselves to breaking down the overflow of information regarding the election in ways that are digestable and meaningful for students.

August Kissel and Rose Brennan have taken what was once a funny, “Hey what if?” idea and made it a real thing that we’re all excited about. I can’t wait to see what they do with “Struck by Q-pid” and I hope you have fun following along.

Pete Janny and Alexa Schmidt have been wonderful Managing Editors. Whenever I have a question or need a favor, they are always so willing to help me out. I would not get this job done without them.

Pete Janny and Caroline McCarthy have been doing a great job keeping the Sports section filled. What was once our weakest section is now consistently robust and diverse.

Maria Thomas and Christine Nappi have stepped into their roles as section editors with enthusiasm and curiosity. I am so proud of the work they have done so far.

I could go on forever about how wonderful this staff is but I hope you could already tell from the quality of the work they have been doing week to week.

Now for the exciting news:

We will be announcing the SpringFest artist in next week’s issue! We already know who it is and we’re so excited to tell you! Make sure you pick up a copy next week to read all about it!

Happy reading!


Gabriella DePinho