Her Campus Chapter Celebrates Anniversary

by Nicole Fitzsimmons & Kelly KennedyAssistant News Editor & Assistant Production Editor

On Jan.29, Manhattan College’s Her Campus chapter reached its one year anniversary of being relaunched. The blog has grown tremendously and has proven itself to be an effective space for students to express themselves over the past year by providing a creative outlet by women, for women.

Her Campus is an online women’s magazine that allows students to have the freedom to write about whatever interests them most, whether that be fashion, beauty, academia, fitness or anything in between. The online chapter that had been previously established was inactive until junior elementary and special education major, Michaela Carnesi, relaunched the site in the fall of 2018. After transferring from Muhlenberg College and contributing to Her Campus at that institution, she felt that MC would benefit from having a public blog where students could write about topics that matter to them. Currently, Michaela Carnesi is the Co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus.

For those interested, you can visit hercampus.com/school/manhattan to learn more.

What makes Her Campus so unique is that it is not a registered student organization, meaning that the blog does not necessarily have to adhere to the Student Engagement rules. Through the blog, students have been able to express themselves in matters from sexual health, school work, lifestyle, to politics. The growth of the chapter at MC in the past year has allowed for greater representation of different topics.

“Our articles are not censored by the school, giving us more of an opportunity to write about topics that matter to students,” Carnesi said.

Alongside their ability to write about almost any topic, students that write for the blog gain a sense of individuality by expressing themselves freely. Assistant Editor Katie Doyle found that aside from gaining more writing experience, Her Campus allowed her to find the voice she had been missing in her writing. As an English major, most of her writing assignments consist of long and structured essays that need to follow a thesis. When writing for Her Campus, her thoughts are able to flow more naturally and she can insert her personal voice more directly into her writing.

“The other night, I was at a bar with my boyfriend and his parents watching the Super Bowl, and I was like, ‘I’m gonna write about this, like being the only woman at a bar… how I experience the Super Bowl differently, stuff like that.’ So I think it’s just, opened my mind up to the fact that we can write about anything we want. And any experience that we have is a valuable experience to be part of our network” Doyle said.

The blog has expanded greatly in size and popularity over the past year. The MC chapter was chosen to be a part of Her Campus March Madness due to increasing page views and social media growth. Carnesi highlighted the fact that this was a major goal for the blog from the start.

Staff Writer Jess Villano has seen the growth of Manhattan’s Her Campus first hand.

“I’ve been writing for Her Campus for quite a while and just the sheer number of writers and people interested in it has increased. It’s growing in size and popularity on campus, but besides that, I think the magazine has grown in the topics that are being covered. More and more writers are taking on more complicated projects and transitioning from just a female demographic to cover current events in the media” Villano said.

At the end of this semester, Christine Nappi will be taking over as Campus Correspondent. In the future, members are planning on fundraising and emerging more into the MC community. If you are interested in writing articles and becoming a member, you can be provided with their mission statement and expectations of authors through contacting hc.manhattan@hercampus.com.