Accountant by Day, Rockstar by Night

by KATIE HENEGHANAsst. Features Editor 

If you’ve seen sophomore Joseph DiOrio around the Manhattan College campus, it’s easy to guess he’s into rock music. What you wouldn’t be able to tell from his appearance is that is he a budding accountant, star student and lead vocalist for his band based out of Providence, R.I.

DiOrio began playing the drums at a young age, and as he progressed in his musical interests switched to guitar and vocals. He has been playing guitar for six years, but has always had a strong interest in music. Now, DiOrio is focused on making a name for his three piece rock band based out of Providence, Rhode Island, The Celler Dwellers.

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 1.49.17 PM
Band cover photo for DiOrio’s band based out of Providence, Rhode Island. @THE_CELLERDWELLERS INSTAGRAM / COURTESY

“I was influenced a lot by the music that my family was listening to – it was basically whatever my parents liked that I was interested in. Playing games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band and stuff like that as well,” said DiOrio.

DiOrio is the guitarist and vocalist for Celler Dwellers, a band formed with a group of his middle school friends, which became a more serious gig in high school when they started performing around Providence. The band is composed of drummer Joseph Scungio, and bassist Angelo Migliaccio. They discovered their bassist in DiOrio’s middle school orchestra, and from then on, the band came together perfectly.

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DiOrio rocking with his band, Celler Dwellers. JOSEPH DIORIO / COURTESY

DiOrio performs manly classic rock, hard rock and alternative music. His inspirations are rooted in these genres, from the classics, to the more hardcore rock bands. DiOrio and his bandmates perform a range of original music to classic songs from well known bands to appeal to different crowds.

“I’m influenced a lot from Jimi Hendrix. I love The Doors, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Alice in Chains, my favorite band, Pearl Jam, The Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana,” says DiOrio.

DiOrio spent his summer playing a range of dive bars to clubs around Providence where they would perform their sets. The summer offered more fluidity to practice, perform and travel with his band. The school year provides some obstacles due to the distance between him and his band. He also performs solo at small city gigs.

“It’s tough being back here. I have to find the perfect time to play so I’m not too loud around my suitemates. It’s definitely a different experience. Ultimately I’d love to bring my band up and do some shows in Brooklyn, and a bunch of other parts of the city,” said DiOrio.

DiOrio has found the perfect balance between his white collar career plans as an accountant, and his nightlife as a budding rockstar. DiOrio has volunteered for Vita, the tax volunteer program through the college for low income families. He is looking for internships with some of the cities top accounting firms as he progresses in his academic career.

DiOrio keeps his music career more personal, and focuses on academics and progressing his future career through the college, but is always looking for more ways to play while in New York City.