Student Government Election Results Are In, Many Candidates Run Unopposed

by Gabriella DePinho & Taylor BrethauerNews Editor & Senior Writer

The results are in: Jasper State of Mind will be the party in the executive board positions of student government for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year.

The party, led by president Kaylyn Atkins and executive vice president Ryan Kwiecinski, ran unopposed. The other positions filled are as follows: Parveen Rampersaud, vice president of commuter affairs, Luke Malpica, vice president for residential affairs, Megan Dreher, vice president of communications, Anna Rosario, vice president of club administration, Nadia Itani, vice president of academic affairs, GinaMarie Napoli, vice president of social life and Gallagher Gregory, vice president of finance.

The current party, Best of the Bronx, is now in its final weeks of their administration.

For student body president Jaycie Cooper, it’s a bittersweet time.

“It is so bittersweet, I am so grateful for the experience […] I’ve learned that collaboration has to be at the heart of anything that I had to get done. That was my most valuable lesson. It’s going to be hard to leave,” said Cooper.

But she wishes the best for the incoming party, stating that the current board will have binders and digital copies of guidelines and directions for the new executive board.

“I know the graduating seniors are definitely stressing to the new board that they can come to us with any questions they have,” said Cooper.

The only real competition for elections this year came down to the senior class vice presidents and sophomore class vice presidents. There are only two slots for these positions and three students were running for each.

For the junior class, they have elected Cate Weiden and Donovan Reilly as next year’s senior representatives. For the freshman class, they have re-elected their current representatives to fill the sophomore vice president roles next year, Kevin Rojas and Sydney Collins.

This is Weiden’s first involvement with Student Government, but she’s excited.

“I decided to run because I thought it was super awesome how involved student government was with the student body this year. And I really liked how they were able to protest the administration over the number of graduation tickets and actually got them to up the number,” said Weiden. “I’m excited for next year!”

The Jasper State of Mind is looking forward to filling their assembly next year, along with their party calling the shots.

They put the party together with a wide range of students from different backgrounds from athletes, residents, commuters, etc.

“We were looking for different leaders on campus so that we could cover as much ground as possible and make sure every student on campus has a voice on campus,” said Kwiecinski.

It became clear early on that the party would be running unopposed, but that didn’t stop their campaigning on campus and social media.

“We’re a group of active students and we didn’t want to become complacent just because no one was running against us. It doesn’t mean we can’t be passionate. So whether or not we had an opponent, we were going to push no matter what,” said Atkins.

The party was running on four major platforms: inclusivity on campus, JasperNation 2.0, campus health and rejuvenating campus space.

All of the members are still riding the high of winning the election, but are excited to reign in the excitement and begin working for the Manhattan College student body.

“We need the energy for next year because we want a lot of things to happen,” said Atkins.

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