The Faces Behind Women’s Week 2019

by MEGAN DREHER & AUGUST KISSEL, Editor-in-Chief & Web Editor

On March 28, 2019, Women’s Week kicked off with a talk by Jamie Manson titled “Agitating in the Charismatic,” where she addressed why women and LGBTQ Catholics must unite in their struggle in their for inclusion within the church. Events were planned and followed for the rest of the week, and the whole following week through Saturday, April 6.

The events to follow revolved around the themes of intersectional feminism, addressing sexual violence and assault in our communities, activism, allyship, healing, and justice.

“Women’s Week at Manhattan College is an event that involves students, faculty, and staff coming together to empower women. This week long event embraces Intersectional Feminism as well as Lasallian values to create empowering and educational programs for members of the Manhattan College community. With this event comes the visibility and awareness of issues that are not normally discussed on college campuses,” said sophomore Schuyler Aplaugh

Students and administration joined together joined together to discuss and plan this week. Planning for this event was on the thoughts of the team at the Lasallian Women and Gender Resource Center since the beginning of last semester.

“Dr. Badruddoja and I acted mainly as facilitators for student ideas and coordinators with existing programming across the college. Our goal is to draw in campus partners like Campus Ministry and Social Action, Catholic Studies, Just Peace, and LOTUS and build programming that draws together our respective communities and reflects student priorities and interests,” said Dr. Jordan Pascoe

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