Spring Registration on the Mind

Interviews conducted and compiled by Nicole Rodriguez, Staff Writer

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Guadalupe Zamata

Freshman, Engineering Major

What’s your plan for registration?

My plan this registration is to find the best time for all my classes. Finishing classes around 5 or 6 pm is not that convenient for me since I’m commuter student. I also aim to get all my required classes in my schedule. I want to take all the classes that are required and gain more knowledge to keep moving forward with my major.

Are you lost or having any trouble with the process of registering?

I was initially lost and scared in this process, but the Engineering Meeting at the Scala Room helped a lot and gave me a lot of information. I also have a friend that I met at the Commuter Brunch opening weekend. She is a junior and she’s been helping me so much, since she already experienced this and has more knowledge about college.

Have you set up an appointment with your advisor?

Yes, I still have some many questions about this process. I want to make sure that the classes that I am going to register for are correct and required for my major in Engineering.

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Anna Rosario

Junior, International Studies Major

How has your experience with registration been?

As an underclassman I was often locked out of my courses because upperclassmen had first pick. It has always been a super stressful day because something literally always goes wrong; whether it’s my computer, or wifi, or even self-service itself. Now that I am an upperclassman I do not necessarily have to worry as much about getting locked out of courses because I get to register earlier.

What advice do you have for freshmen registering for classes on their own for the first time?

Some advice that I have for the freshmen registering for classes for the first time is to get a good night’s sleep the day before so that they wake up the next morning EARLY. Also, to make sure to have all the course numbers at hand so it is super easy to just enter and to make sure that your page is refreshed because if not, none of your classes will be saved.

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Solange Coronel

Freshman, Psychology Major

What’s your plan for registration?

My plan for registration is to set up an appointment first with the academic advisor in the School of Liberal Arts. I have a few questions about what classes are best to take next semester and how I should arrange my schedule in order to not be delayed in the future with the requirements for my major.

Are you lost or having any trouble with the process of registering?

I have always been very dependent on my parents doing things for me and now that I am in college I have learned to be more independent. I am not confused as to where I am supposed to go to see my classes, but I would like to speak to my advisors for assistance and to learn further registration processes. One of my major concerns is fulfilling my core curriculum classes as soon and efficiently as possible.

Have you set up an appointment with your advisor?

I have set up an appointment with my academic advisor in the School of Liberal Arts, but have not yet scheduled an appointment with my major advisor. I want to establish steps for me to fix my schedule then meet with my advisor to show her the schedule so she can check and see I am up to date with my requirements. Given that it is only my freshman year, my priorities should be my core curriculum.

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Eunice Nazar

Year: Freshman

Major: Political Science

What is your plan for registration?

I plan to make three different schedules since freshmen get last pick. Registration causes anxiety so it is important that one takes the time to really understand the necessary steps and documents needed when doing the application. I plan on doing things in advance and in a slow paced manner. Essentially, just making sure that I have time to register and apply. I think the key is to not rush it, but make time for it.

Are you lost or having any trouble with the process of registering?

Thankfully, I am not having trouble as the upperclassmen are more than willing to help me with registering.

Have you set up an appointment with your advisor?

I have already set up an appointment because the earlier I meet up with them the better.


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