Spring Registration on the Mind

Interviews conducted and compiled by Nicole Rodriguez, Staff Writer Guadalupe Zamata Freshman, Engineering Major What’s your plan for registration? My plan this registration is to find the best time for all my classes. Finishing classes around 5 or 6 pm is not that convenient for me since I’m commuter student. I also aim to get all my required classes in my schedule. I want to … Continue reading Spring Registration on the Mind

College Names New Registrar, in Time for Spring Registration

Earlier this month, Christy Salinas joined the Manhattan College community as the campus’s new registrar. Originally from Texas, Salinas attended the University of North Texas where she received a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She is currently completing a M.E. in higher education administration at Boston University. Before making the move to Riverdale, Salinas lived in Boston for 11 years. She most recently worked at Merrimack … Continue reading College Names New Registrar, in Time for Spring Registration

The Freshman Files: Registration

Just as the stress of midterms is starting to dwindle down, there is another issue at hand that is causing our blood pressure to spike above and beyond normal levels: registration. In case you didn’t get the memo, registration for the spring 2015 semester for us freshmen starts tomorrow morning, Nov. 12. “I am going to wake up early and register at exactly 7 a.m., … Continue reading The Freshman Files: Registration