Students Utilize Photography in Class

by BRIAN ASARE, Staff Writer

Manhattan College has a photography class that is equipped with state of the art technology which helps individuals convert their creative thoughts into a reality. These tech devices consist of cameras, camera accessories such as light meters and flashlights, Macbooks and many more.

  The art of taking pictures and processing was quite complicated a few years ago than what it seems today. It involved taking the picture with the right amount of light, ideal focal length to give a nice soft background blur and to make sure whatever is being taking of is within the right focal range.

  All these things could be achieved manually but it also required a crazy amount of skill, as well as speed, to get the right shot. But because of the introduction of newer and advanced technologies, these are issues of the past.

  Faster and smarter devices used for capturing pictures have been developed by many manufacturers that strive to make the photographers work much easier. These devices are equipped which lots of devices that automate the tasks that were once man manual to allow the photographer focus mainly on getting the perfect shot rather than adjusting setting.

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Photos Compiled by Alexa Schmidt

The Digital Photography program at MC focuses on the creation of original digital prints through the usage of sophisticated software and hardware. Instruction in software and professional-grade printers that facilitate the creation of digital prints are also included in the program.

  Most students who are enrolled in this class do not only commend the professor for his great work in teaching but also are grateful to have the technology to do want they want

  Emely Batista, a student in the digital photography class, said, “We are learning much about Photoshop, and the professor has been really helpful with that. But the printers are one of the most important things in this class, apart from the cameras. I get to present my work from a bigger picture, and fully express the real meaning of my photography through the prints. The fact that the school gives us the flexibility to print outside of class has also been a major contribution, and me in particular, I’m very thankful for that.”

  She continued.

  “With cameras you can capture anything in any single moment in life. For me, taking photographs is actually something that takes time, and by this I mean taking the right picture. It is all combine with moods and emotions, and what do you feel should be best to show the viewer in that moment. When I am photographing I forget about everything else and I only focus in where I am right there. It has impacted my life in the most positive way, and it has contributed in me a strong passion towards it.”

  Ahgia Marisa Washington is also enrolled in the digital photography class.

Photos Compiled by Alexa Schmidt

“We use a Nikon D3200 and it’s usual, even though it’s not super fancy. Many people use Canons and the pictures look incredible, but I believe that you can make any photo look great. However, there are many “devices” apart from the camera that I’ve found that allows me to express myself because that’s all that we work with and photoshop,” Washington said.

  She continued.

  “I learned from the class and the various forms of photography is that nothing has to be too serious and that you can make a bad picture look good. With the right settings, lighting, and subject, anything can look great.”