Tech Issue

The Technology of the Fitness Center

October 27, 2018

by CATHY GOODYEAR, Social Media Editor Technology improves our lives on a daily basis and changed the waya we look at fitness and healthac. The Fitness Center in the Kelly Commons has been continuously improving and updating their equipment, [...]

Students Utilize Photography in Class

October 26, 2018

by BRIAN ASARE, Staff Writer Manhattan College has a photography class that is equipped with state of the art technology which helps individuals convert their creative thoughts into a reality. These tech devices consist of cameras, camera [...]

AR and VR: An Inside Look

October 25, 2018

by Alex Nieves, Contributor Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) have become two wildly popular terms used today, but they leave several puzzled, as they both are very confusing terms. What’s the difference between the two? Why are they so [...]

The Tech Debate

October 25, 2018

by Alexa Schmidt, Asst. A&E Editor From my experience with people and technology, you’re either an Apple person, or you’re not. PC’s and everything else in between remain the outliers to Apple consumers, and this debate remains prevalent [...]

How Colleges Use Social Media

October 24, 2018

by Haley Burnside and Megan Dreher, Senior Writer &  Features Editor The social media landscape has become a dominant player in the college search process, both for students and for administrations. Manhattan College is no exception. The [...]

ITS Hopes to Get Students Jamming

October 24, 2018

by Gregory Boland, Contributing Writer In O’Malley study rooms exists two rather large red televisions. Jamboards, as they are called, are produced and developed by Google and parent company Alphabet. The Jamboards are integrated with all other [...]