Sean MacKinney: Member of the 2018 MAAC All-Rookie Lacrosse Team

by Alexa SchmidtAsst. A&E Editor

Sean MacKinney is a sophomore finance major who plays for the men’s lacrosse team at Manhattan College. Originally from Martinsville, New Jersey, MacKinney quickly got used to being on Manhattan College’s campus. MacKinney also quickly got used to D1 lacrosse as he had an immensely successful rookie season. He played in all 14 games and started in 13 of them. He was named to the MAAC All-Rookie Team after scoring 16 points on 13 goals and three assists. He reflected on the past season, and what he hopes for the next. 

The Quadrangle: How did you get in to lacrosse, and how long have you been playing?

Sean MacKinney: “Well my dad first started playing when he was a sophomore in high school. When I was born, I was kind of just born into it. I started playing organized lacrosse when I was in kindergarten, and just played every year after that.”

TQ: Why did you come to Manhattan College?

SM: “I came to Manhattan because it was a perfect school for me. It was right in the city, and for what I wanted to do as a finance major, Wall Street is like a 40 minute train ride, and I just wanted to explore my options there.”  

TQ: What’s it like being a student athlete?

SM: “It’s kind of hard. You know, we sometimes have lifts in the morning, or practice, or we have practice at night and school in between that and I have to figure out how to do my work while in study hall, but after going through freshman year I think I have it down now.” 

TQ: Now that you’re a sophomore, how are things different than being a freshman?

SM: “I’m a lot older now, and more mature, and I think I see myself as a leader for Manhattan.” 

TQ: How did you feel about the last lacrosse season?

SM: “I think we did pretty good. We are a young team, we only lost three or four seniors, and so now we have more experience as a group and I feel like the incoming freshmen are going to step up and be good contributors.” 

TQ: How did you feel about getting the MAAC Rookie of the Week award last season?

SM: “It was a great honor. I need to thank my team for that. I mean they helped me out a lot through practice. And my coaches, just because they push me every day.” 

TQ: What do you hope to accomplish this season and school year? 

SM: “Well I hope to get above a 3.0, that’s the first thing, academics first, and then I hope to make it to the MAAC Championship and win.”