Campus Reactions to Super Bowl LII

The full version of Voices on the Quad is posted below; the print edition of the Feb. 13 issue only had some of the interviews. Interviews conducted by Alexa Schmidt.


Andrew Weingarten

Director of Residence Life

How long have you been an Eagles fan?

I have been an Eagles fan my whole life. Everybody in my family is an Eagles fan. I grew up pretty close to Philadelphia so the Eagles were always our closest NFL team.

What was your immediate reaction to the huge win?

I was so happy. We Eagles fans have always dreamed of winning the Superbowl! This was an emotional season and the team came a long way to win that game. It was a tremendous game and I was watching it, down around Philadelphia, with my entire family. That made for a wonderful night.

Who’s your favorite player?

I will have to say Carson Wentz. He is talented and helped us win 11 of the 13 games he played in, but the best part was seeing his true values and character after he went down with his injury. He became so supportive of all of this teammates, of Nick Foles, etc. I was impressed by his humility all the way through the Superbowl.  

Katie Doyle

7518844368_IMG_0941Freshman Elementary and Special Education  major

How long have you been a Patriots fan?

I have been a Patriots fan my whole entire life. One of my earliest memories is actually losing a tooth while watching the Super Bowl while the Patriots played.

What was your reaction to the Super Bowl this year?

I was kind of shocked. It was kind of weird because pretty much everyone was banking on us winning, but honestly looking back on it, it’s just the Super Bowl, we can come back from this next year.

Who’s your favorite player?

My favorite player is Tom Brady because he’s probably one of the best quarterbacks of all time. He gets a lot of hate for a lot of the stuff he does but he’s in it for the game and he’s got great stats.

Alexander SpinelliScreen Shot 2018-02-11 at 9.47.01 PM

Freshman Computer Engineering major

Why did you watch the Super Bowl?

I watched the Super Bowl because my roommate had it on and the advertisements are pretty cool.

What was your favorite ad?

I would say probably the Tide commercial with David Harbour from Stranger Things, which is a fantastic show. I wish that Google had a commercial during the Super Bowl this year because they’ve had really good ones in the past that I’ve watched and really enjoyed.

                         Rachel Bianculli

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 9.47.08 PMSophomore Finance and Global business double major

How long have been a Patriots fan?

I have been a Patriots fan since birth. I’m from Massachusetts.

What was your reaction to the Super Bowl?

I was really disappointed because I really wanted the sixth ring, but it was a really good game and I think both teams played really well.

Who’s your favorite player?

Tom Brady of course, the greatest of all time quarterback, and I love Gronkowski and Amendola.

Emily Hayes

Freshman International Studies major

Why did you watch the Super Bowl?7518857408_IMG_0953

Well, I don’t really like football, but I’m from Massachusetts and we are all die-hard Patriots fans, so I felt kind of obligated to watch it, even though I could’ve cared less.

What did you think of the halftime show?

Justin Timberlake to me, is a pretty vanilla singer. In the past, there have been many other dynamic and different singers like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, and I just feel like they have a better stage presence than Justin Timberlake does. I feel like he’s trying to make up for not being cool by releasing 80 songs at once.

What did you think of the Prince hologram?

I feel like it’s cool that he did that, because Prince was such an influential person and artist for the whole world, but I just feel like what does Justin Timberlake have to do with Prince. Why did he channel Prince, did Prince even know him? Like everyone loves Prince but why did he feel obligated to channel Prince in his show?

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 9.40.09 PMJoe Wallace

Freshman Business Management major

Who did you root for the in Super Bowl?

I rooted for the New England Patriots because it’d be pretty dope to see them win six Super Bowls. Even though I’m a Cincinnati Bengals fan, I rooted for them because Tom Brady is one of the greatest football players to ever live. And Gronk is the man. Danny Amendola, Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, they’re fantastic receivers.

7583956480_img_0956.jpgTim Pohlmann

Freshman Mechanical Engineering major

Who did you root for in the Super Bowl?

I rooted for the Eagles because it was cool to see them have their first Super Bowl win. Although the Patriots are very successful, they can afford a loss. Tom Brady has five rings, his body can handle football for another 10 years, he can afford a loss. And I think this was the year that the Philadelphia Eagles could make their first win and they did. I really despise the Patriots, and so I really wanted them to lose.

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 9.47.21 PM.png
A photo of the Philadelphia Eagles during the parade held for the team on Feb. 8.                 WILLIAM ATKINSON/COURTESY

William Atkinson

Residence Director

How long have you been an Eagles fan?

I’m a lifelong Eagles fan. I was born in Philadelphia, and I’ve lived in Philadelphia and the surrounding area for most of my life.

What was the immediate reaction?

The second that the game ended was silent in my house, but it was a short-lived silence. I watched the game with my family, and there were three generations of us sitting there in shock.

Who’s your favorite player?

With these players it’s tough to pick just one, but I’ll go with Nick Foles because he is the ultimate underdog. He was on the Eagles before, but he was traded. Then he came back as a backup and the rest is history. Two runner up players would be Malcolm Jenkins for what he’s done off the field in regard to social justice, and Chris Long for the same reason. Chris Long actually donated his entire season’s salary.