Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

Well, we’ve had a good run, haven’t we?

But all things must come to an end. This will be the last time I share this space with you as Editor-in-Chief of The Quadrangle.

This year has been a successful year for our publication. We broke a lot of major stories this year, including last spring’s flood of on-campus bias reports, the death of a beloved professor in the School of Education and the severing of one of the college’s four official Greek organizations. We also got down and dirty in the topics of health and faith.

All told, The Quadrangle published 485 individual pieces this year – which made up 352 pages of printed content dispersed across 28 issues.

This year has also been a transformative one for The Quad. One year ago, our paper looked totally different – both in print and online. The way you pick up your paper has been updated – as The Quad has unveiled a brand-spanking new fleet of news racks.

All of this is because of our staff of dedicated, talented and fierce young journalists. Their work this year has been nothing short of impeccable, and I owe a major debt of gratitude to them for their contributions to this paper.

This year has presented enormous challenges for the craft of journalism as President Donald J. Trump and other major political figures continued their all-out assault on American institutions of truth – including the free press and American intelligence agencies. As I have already said in this space, our times demand fierce, diligent journalism and a higher level of civic engagement.

Our writers have greeted the challenges of our times with fervor. This year, we covered Trump’s inauguration and the ensuing protests, his attempts to block Muslims from entering the country and his rescission of DACA (Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals).

But we haven’t done it alone. The Quadrangle is lucky to exist on a campus that supports our craft.

I know that President Trump doesn’t read The Quadrangle – and he probably doesn’t even know that we’re here. But the war for truth must be waged and fought at all levels, and, here at Manhattan College, I’m glad to say that truth is winning.

After this issue, the reins will be passed to my good friend Taylor Brethauer. Taylor has done a wonderful job with the A&E section this year, and I am completely confident in her ability to preside over another successful year for The Quadrangle.

I love this college and I love this paper deeply – and it has been an immense honor to serve as your Editor-in-Chief this year.

Best of luck and God bless.


Stephen D. Zubrycky