Ink Advertising Looks to Make its Mark at Manhattan College

Some clubs come and go, but it takes a strong club with an important purpose to create a lasting impact. This is where Ink Advertising comes in. The new club, founded by president Andrea Mendez, has one goal in mind: a Manhattan College group focused on bettering the advertisements of other clubs.

Flyers for events are a staple in any college community. They don the walls of every residence hall, academic building, offices, etc. While some clubs boast their events in creative manners, typically using the website Canva or even Microsoft Word, the Ink Advertising group is setting out to help clubs create professional-looking advertisements.

“I always looked at the flyers around campus and thought that I could do a better job or that people in my classes had the skills to turn those simple flyers into much more intricate forms of advertising. Then it occurred to me that I could gather up a team to help the other clubs advertise and brand themselves. It is a win-win situation where clubs and organizations could benefit from our services and we would be able to put the skills we learn in the classroom to work,” said Mendez in an email interview.

Students interested in the club received an initial email welcoming them to the group for an inaugural meeting back in October. The club is not recognized as an official club by Student Engagement as of yet, but they are working towards it. There are five departments a member could work for within the club: Account, Strategy, Creative, Social Media and Production. Each has their own tasks for any club that reaches out to Ink Advertising for help.

“We are currently working with many clubs on campus, from the Society of Women Engineers to the Film Club, doing flyers, posters, logos, and apparel design. We come together more strongly as an advertising agency when dealing with clients outside school, that is non-profit organizations and small businesses. However, even for the smallest projects we work as an agency. [Our five departments] communicate and work together to get projects done, just like in a normal ad agency,” said Mendez.

Screen shot 2017-12-03 at 7.48.58 PMWhile Mendez credits the club as a way to prepare for future employers and a great resume builder, it’s also the first extracurricular club for the advertising concentration within the communication department.

“It is a way to have a hands on experience for those who are interested in the field. You get valuable experience that could be useful in a real-world job, you get to use the knowledge gained in class, and, the best part,  share your  ideas to a group that would be interested in making them happen. Apart from that, it is a unique and interesting thing to have on your resume,” said Mendez.

The club welcomes creative students, those who have different ways of thinking, to contribute to the group’s projects. Mendez encourages this, saying, “INK is all about being different and liking it. We want to make our campus fun, interactive, and welcoming. That’s why we believe that there is a place for anyone with an idea on our team.”

CORRECTION (December 10, 2:50 p.m. EDT): An earlier version of this article had a picture of a flyer for the MC Players’ show “Rumors”, which was initially thought to have been created by the Ink Advertising group. The flyer has been removed.