Soccer Rookie of the Week: Brandon Joseph-Buadi

By Kobe Borden, Contributor

Freshman Brandon Joseph-Buadi is playing in his rookie season at Manhattan College on the soccer team. He is a forward from Shoreham-by-Sea in England, looking to make a difference on the team.

Coming off his highlight week, number 11 is looking to extend his experience and become an asset throughout his experience at Manhattan College.

The Quadrangle: What drew you to playing to playing soccer at a young age?

Brandon Joseph-Buadi: I started playing when I was young because of my mom. She encouraged me to play the game and I fell in love with it.

TQ: How was life growing up in England?

BJB: Life was great growing up, the weather was nice and rainy all the time. My favorite place in South City, it’s close to my home area and that’s what makes it good.

TQ: What are some places to have traveled to playing soccer?

BJB:  I have been to Italy, Belgium, France, and Ireland playing for Portsmouth FC. I played in travel tournament in Ireland and that was by far the best experience.

TQ:  How do you view American Culture and soccer vs. the way it is viewed at home?

BJB: I came to Florida in June 2016, and played in the hot weather and competition to get ready for Manhattan College. In American culture, the game is played with physicality and energy and everyone is an athlete. Back at home there is more emphasis on technical skills.

TQ: How are you enjoying Manhattan College so far?

BJB: So far it has been good.  I feel that we had a good preseason because of the team building activities. We went paintballing and it was a lot of fun, but it also does hurt.

TQ: Is Rookie of the Year a goal for you?

BJB: I am completive but at the same time it is all about what the team needs. I haven’t thought about it much, but it would be nice.

TQ: How has family influenced you?

BJB: My mother raised me and my two brothers as a single parent. I and my other brother (18) grew up playing sports and my brother just watched us play, since he is not interested.