Soccer Player Victoria Reis: Reflects on Being a Student Athlete

By Shannon Gleba, Staff Writer

For the past three years, Victoria Reis has been able to make an impact on Manhattan College Women’s Soccer team. The junior from Rockville Centre, NY is a very strong defensive player, and loves working with her teammates to achieve success. As Manhattan starts conference play, she has confidence that the team will be able to be a competitive opponent in the MAAC.

The Quadrangle: At what age did you start playing soccer? What made you want to start playing?

Victoria Reis: I started playing soccer at the age of 4. My family has always been a huge soccer family, my grandparents were always involved in coaching my mom and her sisters growing up. My siblings all played and so it was something we always did together. My mom played at UConn, along with two of her sisters who played at William&Mary; my dad is from Brazil and grew up playing there so I have been immersed and surrounded by soccer since before I can remember.

TQ: How is Division 1 soccer different from the teams you have played on previously?

VR: Division 1 soccer is different from my other teams because there is a much bigger commitment. It is also much more rewarding and I have a very close relationship with my teammates. It provides a support system and a family while we’re away at school.

TQ: What are your favorite parts about being on Manhattan’s team?

VR: My favorite part about being on the Manhattan College Women’s Soccer team is the camaraderie between my teammates. It is a great feeling to be a part of something and be with teammates on a campus that supports and aids you on and off the field.

TQ:  How do you manage the stress of being a student athlete?

VR: While it is stressful to be a student athlete I find daily practice actually an escape from schoolwork and other responsibilities. While it is a big-time commitment, it aids in structuring my day and I feel as though it pushes me to do my work in a timely manner because I know I don’t have time to put it off.

TQ: How has your season been so far? Does the team have any goals for improvement going forward?

VR: So far, our season has been great, we are just starting conference play and our team and coaching staff have all been working together to ensure that we do the best we can and that we are fulfilling all of the different roles each of us plays in order to be successful together. We have an extremely deep and talented team, it is now just up to how we use, and what we do with that talent. Our whole team is very dedicated and hardworking, we are all on the same page with our goals and attitude so it’s just a matter of how we translate those goals into actions on the field when it counts.

TQ: How do you spend your time when you’re not studying or playing soccer?

VR: When I’m not playing soccer, or studying, I really enjoy spending time with family and friends, any free time that I have I usually spend hanging out and being with those closest to me.

TQ: What advice do you have to young athletes hoping to go D1?

VR: For anyone aspiring to be a D1 athlete I would advise them to know themselves as a player and to be confident in themselves and their abilities. When a player begins to believe in their own abilities it makes it a lot easier for coaches and teammates around them to believe in them as well. I would also advise people to pick not just athletic program that fits them but also a school that they love. I love my soccer team and program, but I also really enjoy the academics and the community at Manhattan College.