Volleyball Rookie: Erin Hoener

By C. Garrett Kiedel,  Staff Writer

Freshman Erin Hoener is in her rookie season at Manhattan College playing on the volleyball team. She’s a middle blocker from O’Fallon, Missouri, looking to make her mark.

Wearing number 13 on the court, she looks to continue in being an asset to the team throughout her athletic career here at Manhattan College.

The Quadrangle: How did you get into playing volleyball?

Erin Hoener: I started playing volleyball competitively in eighth grade because I had a good friend who played club volleyball, so she basically dragged me with her to play, and the rest is history.

TQ: So far how has your high school/club volleyball experience compared to college so far?

EH: For high school, I played for a very high level club team, and I think that made the transition into college, and a Division 1 program, pretty easy but is yet still very challenging.

TQ: Why did you choose Manhattan College?

EH: When I first visited in May 2016, I just really thought it was a good fit academically. We’re located in New York City so there are so many opportunities in business and I really like the area so it was a good fit for me.

TQ: What other activities do you enjoy when you’re not playing volleyball?

EH: I enjoy going hiking, and just exploring. My roommate and I are planning on exploring the city a lot this year.

TQ: Do you have any tips for balancing school work and playing a D1 sport?

EH: I think it’s very important to have a checklist and keep a planner of everything you need to do. Checking things off as you finish them. It’s really good to be on top of your school work because it does get really hectic playing a college sport where you are traveling a lot.

TQ: How do you feel like you’ve adjusted to the whole college experience so far?

EH: I think I’ve adjusted pretty well, I didn’t really realize that I was in college until our first match a couple weeks ago in western Illinois. It just hit me that I’m in college, and I’m a division one athlete.I would say that’s when I first realized it, but I think it’s been a good transition.

TQ: What are hoping to get out of your experience as a D1 athlete?

EH: I hope it brings me a lot of skills for after my athletic career. Being a student athlete helps in learning good time management skills, that will help me a lot in my career.

TQ: Looking into the future, what do you see for yourself when you’re a senior?

EH: I see myself being a strong asset to my team still, and I hope to be ready to start my career!