This Week in Photos: Feb. 19-25, 2017

WBB Defense.jpg
The week started on Sunday afternoon when the Manhattan women’s basketball team took on Quinnipiac on Senior Day before the home crowd in Draddy Gymnasium. Aaron Mayorga/The Quadrangle
Tatum Free Throw.jpg
Although the Jaspers were defeated 69-49, Amani Tatum was the offensive sparkplug for the Jaspers, adding eight points, seven assists, six steals, and five rebounds. Aaron Mayorga/The Quadrangle
Tyler Wilson Spin.jpg
Later that day, the men’s basketball team played against their Quinnipiac counterparts. In his last home game as a Jasper, Tyler Wilson – who was honored before the game – puts a spin move on a defender for a lay-up.  Aaron Mayorga/The Quadrangle
As the Manhattan men routed Quinnipiac 95-74, Zane Waterman led all scorers with 26 points and added seven rebounds. Aaron Mayorga/The Quadrangle
On Monday, Benjamin D. Santer, Ph.D., of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, delivered a lecture on humanity’s impact on climate change in the Rodriguez Room. The room was full and the crowd spilled into the hallway. Aaron Mayorga/The Quadrangle
Andrey Ermolov.jpg
On Wednesday, as part of their Business Seminar Series, the School of Business hosted Andrey Ermolov, Ph.D., of Fordham University, and Ermolov spoke about international real yields of inflation-linked bonds in the Capalbo Room. Aaron Mayorga/The Quadrangle
Sanctus Artem.jpg
Later on Wednesday, Sanctus Artem held a meeting and an impromptu art show in the first floor lounge in Jasper Hall. Anja Pollozi/The Quadrangle
On Thursday evening, the Multicultural Center hosted its February iteration of Poetry Night. This month, the topic was Black History and Love. Aaron Mayorga/The Quadrangle
Coffeehouse (1 of 4).jpg
On Thursday night, Coffee House, an open mic night where people can perform a ten-minute set, took place in the Jasper Lounge. Aaron Mayorga/The Quadrangle
Jawanza Clark.jpg
On Friday, Associate Professor of Religious Studies Jawanza Clark, Ph.D., delivered a lecture on the relationship between racism and theology and also discussed the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement in Cornerstone. Aaron Mayorga/The Quadrangle
Smith Stairs.jpg
Unseasonably warm weather prompted many students to enjoy Friday afternoon out on the Quad with their friends and classmates. Aaron Mayorga/The Quadrangle
While some simply socialized, others took a more active approach to enjoying the afternoon like playing frisbee. Aaron Mayorga/The Quadrangle
Alyssa Holding a Book.jpg
Inside the O’Malley Library, the College hosted its Special Collections Reception wherein they unveiled many of the historical works that had been donated to the school. Aaron Mayorga/The Quadrangle
Tim Gress.jpg
Many of the books in the collection were restored by Tim Gress, a sophomore work study student who has worked on the project for the past year. Aaron Mayorga/The Quadrangle
Brennan O'Donnell.jpg
The event was attended by many professors and faculty. Manhattan College President Brennan O’Donnell was also on hand for the festivities. Aaron Mayorga/The Quadrangle
In a Friday night match, the Jaspers fell in their home finale to Monmouth 63-50. Kayla Grimme led all scorers  with 25 points. Anja Pollozi/The Quadrangle