Student Government Links Up With Student Athlete Advisory Committee

by Jessica Quinn


Student Allie Yamashiro has recently taken on the role as vice president of communications in the Student Government. Aside from this position, Yamashiro is also a senior volleyball player and vice president of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC).

Yamashiro’s connections within the student government and the athletic department have helped her to communicate with various representatives of the Manhattan College community.

Yamashiro was recruited to join Student Government by another athlete—Tiffanie McIntosh. From her experience prior to her role as vice president, Yamashiro attempts to get more students involved in the assembly meetings.

“Going to my first assembly meeting was a little intimidating because you’re not really sure how it works. I think for myself– I’d like it to be a more approachable situation where students feel more comfortable to be there,” she said.

Yamashiro, along with Student Body President, Dorian Persaud, hope to include more training for new members. This would make it easier for students to adjust to their roles.

“Throughout the course of the training, those who have been elected will understand the inner workings of Student Government through one on one mentoring by current executive board members and will have the opportunity to meet a variety of staff across campus that Student Government works closely with,” said Yamashiro

Director of Student Engagement, John Bennett, is confident about Yamashiro’s new position.

“Allie’s done a great job this year. Being a student-athlete, it’s especially hard to have a role on the Executive Board of Student Government because of the extra meetings and time involved, but she’s been able to handle it without a hiccup,” he said.

A current athletic issue that Yamashiro is bringing attention to through her position as vice president is the lack of attendance at sporting events. With that said, she’s making strides towards and working to allow a bus to transport students to Manhattan College’s home baseball games—which are nearly an hour away.

Student Government is also in talks of including fan buses for the MAAC tournament in Albany.

The pep band is another asset that the Student Government wishes to help in increasing school spirit.

“Next month our pep band will be playing at some lacrosse games. We’re always looking for ways to get more student, and fan, involvement,” Bennett said.

Yamashiro hopes to bring hotdog stands into the basketball games.

“Basically, we’d just buy out some of the food from Gourmet Dining because they’re the ones that provide the concessions,” said Yamashiro. “On behalf of student government, we’d give that for free to students.”

Various flyers can be seen around campus which feature the dates of Manhattan College sporting events in the earlier half of February. This was an effort by Yamashiro in an attempt to spread “Jasper Pride”.

Aside from her contributions to athletics, Yamashiro has also been valuable in promoting events and activities for Student Government through her skills on social media. She has taken control on Twitter and Instagram to let students and followers know when the latest events and activities are taking place.