Student Engagement Presents: Aladdin and Phantom of the Opera

By Abby Crowell, Constributer Writer

For those who love musicals, Broadway, or a night out in the city, Student Engagement has the perfect opportunity for students to experience all three. Student Engagement offers many activities for Manhattan College students to participate in all year round.

As Spring is approaching, the office of Student Engagement has announced that they are offering discounted tickets to two musicals. The musicals are Aladdin and Phantom of the Opera.

While these two shows possess very different plots, students will still be able to pick the storyline that interests them the most, at a lower price than tickets typically cost for these shows. These contrasting musicals were chosen by students within the Social Life Commission which is a branch of the Student Government Committee.

“Both musicals are visually exciting. For over 25 years, Phantom of the Opera has been the Broadway musical many has enjoyed. Students will enjoy Aladdin for its mixture of spectacle, illusion, and great storyline,” said Assistant Director of Student Engagement, Michael Steele, on what students can expect from the two shows.

Students cannot go wrong attending either musical, due to the lively entertainment that both will provide. The Aladdin musical premiered in 2011, therefore it is fairly new to Broadway. It is a new take on a Disney classic film that everyone loves, plus the addition of some new songs that were not in the movie.

Phantom of the Opera remains a classic for all of those who love theatre and a grand spectacle of theater that has been wowing audiences since 1988, as it has been the longest-running Broadway musical to date.

Students are encouraged to purchase the tickets as soon as it is possible due to the popularity of both shows. Tickets typically go on sale the Monday before the show.

“Students can purchase tickets online by going to the link Tickets for Aladdin will go on sale on Monday, Feb. 6 at 1 pm for $30. Tickets for Phantom of the Opera will go on sale on Monday, Feb. 13 at 1 pm for $20,” said Steele. Online ticket-buying was a new feature the office rolled out last year.

The discounted tickets for the Spring musicals provide a cultural experience that MC students can enjoy without emptying their wallets.

“The musicals are very popular among students. It’s usually a great way to start off the semester, leading to other great activities being offered by my office,” said Steele.

For many students, the musicals are a fun Saturday activity to do in the city with friends. In the past, students have enjoyed shows like Les Miserables, Wicked, School of Rock and last spring’s show, Chicago.

Student Engagement, along with the Social Life Commission, choose shows that students and friends will be talking about for weeks after. Harriet Carino, a freshman at MC expressed her excitement for the upcoming Spring musicals.

“I would definitely be interested in seeing Aladdin. [The musicals are] something to look forward to, and the fact that I’d get a discount is even better,” said Carino.