Mas Unloads Post Game

Sunday, Manhattan’s Men’s Basketball Team lost to Siena 81-68 in a contest hosted at Manhattan’s Draddy Gymnasium at 2pm.

It was a game dominated by Siena, as the outshot Manhattan in field goals, three-point attempts, and free throws; leading by as much as 20 with 8:35 left in the second half.

It has been a tough season for the Jaspers, who are usually top contenders within the MAAC. They are 7-14 overall and 2-8 in conference, placing them in last place.

After the game, Head Coach Steve Masiello spoke to the media in his usual post game presser. His statement to the media has since gained public attention.

Video Courtesy of ManhattanJaspers

“We’re a fraudulent society top to bottom. Our society is fraudulent. Everything about our society is edited. Everything about our society is pre-arranged. So this generation is a fraudulent generation.

“What I mean by that is they put their Instagram picture up the way they want. They put their tweet out the way they want. Nothing is interactive or real. So when things don’t go the way people want them to -people will struggle with when it’s not 70 degrees and sunny and the stars aren’t exactly aligned and it’s not exactly 4 p.m., and they didn’t get exactly 8 hours of beauty sleep- young people today struggle with that. Our society struggles with that. For me, I can’t speak for other coaches. I see it more than ever when adversity comes in, people struggle.

“They’re not bad kids. This might be one of my favorite groups I’ve ever had. They struggle with adversity, and that’s a byproduct of our society today. I think we are a reflection of our culture today. Not to get too deep.”

The Athletic Department, along with Coach Masiello have not submitted any public response to the statement Masiello made on Sunday. There has been no indication that they will do so.

The Jaspers are back in action Thursday night when they travel to Niagara Falls to square off against the Purple Eagles.