Summer Renovations Showcase a New Theme

The Manhattan College campus was reformed this past summer and students are now welcomed back to a slightly new look.

Director of Residence Life,  Andrew Weingarten,  described these changes as “refreshing” the campus.

The upperclassmen apartment building,  Overlook Manor, was among the locations that saw the most changes.

“Overlook Manor saw a few nice upgrades including installation of new toilets in each apartment and a refreshed lobby and Public Safety booth,” said Weingarten in an email statement. “Additionally, every Overlook apartment now has in-wall air conditioning units and about 20 apartments in Overlook were painted and another 15 had their floors refinished.”

The Overlook Manor lobby got a significant facelift this summer. Anthony Capote/The Quadrangle

The other four residence halls were also updated.

“All washers and dryers in the five residence halls were replaced with brand new LG Platinum machines, A variety of rooms in Jasper and Chrysostom and most rooms in Lee and Horan were painted, and a variety of rooms in Jasper had carpeting work done,” said Weingarten.

Renovations were not only made to areas of residence, but also to office buildings and other places for recreation.

“The Jasper first-floor lounge was refreshed.” said Weingarten when speaking of the the lounge’s  redesigned modern and upscale look.

Thomas Hall was similarly updated and now provides office space for the Office of Career Pathways and Study Abroad, the Center for Academic Success and Financial Aid and Graduate Admissions.

Freshmen Molly McGough and Lauren Coll discussed how they feel about the look of their new home.

“It looks awesome,” Said Coll, who added, “I feel like I should be wearing nicer shoes when I’m Thomas though.”

McGough agreed with Coll in terms of Thomas Hall’s new appearance , but also mentioned,  “It’s kind of empty, It needs more spice.”

One returning student, Alexander Cucciniello, expressed concerns about the projects’ costs.

new thomas hall
The Office of Career Pathways will move to a new facility on the third floor of Thomas Hall. Anthony Capote/The Quadrangle

“I was shocked because I didn’t know anything about it,” Said Cuccuniello. “It’s shocking that a few of my friends’ financial aid went down and these brand new renovations are in that nobody really knew about.”

Although renovations to Thomas is complete, the designated offices will not be moving in until Sept. 12, according to a Manhattan College announcement email.

Other changes made were much more programmatic rather than to the infrastructure.

“In our department we have continued our efforts to move all of our primary student-facing operations online,” said Weingarten. “This year our room condition-damage and overnight guest approval processes will be managed online and housed in our myHousing web portal, where you can already find our housing and roommate selection and operational processes.”

Weingarten also shared other changes which includes new Health & Wellness Common Interest Communities, an upgraded and enhanced programming throughout all residence halls and a re-vamped Saturday in the City schedule that was designed this summer by summer Resident Advisors.

Residence Life continues to work to improve life on campus at MC, as more renovations are likely to come about later in the semester and 2016-2017 academic school year.

“With the help of the ITS and Business Services departments on campus, we are working with a provider to upgrade residence hall TV service and hopefully introduce some internet TV channels.”