Boyce Avenue to Headline Quadstock

by RIKKILYNN SHIELDS, Assistant Editor

Last November, musician Mike Posner preformed an acoustic set for the students of Manhattan College in Smith Auditorium for Quadstock. Many students were disappointed that the Quad was under renovation, causing Quadstock to be moved from the quad into the auditorium. However, Mike Posner did not disappoint.

Students began flooding into the auditorium almost immediately, and more and more followed in as they heard familiar songs from outside. Mike Posner preformed many acoustic songs, and also got a bit personal during his set by talking to the students and interacting with them during his show.

Boys Like Girls played Quadstock in 2014. James O’Connor/The Quadrangle

Last year, Mike Posner made Quadstock feel extra personal and unplugged. This year, Quadstock will be creeping up on us earlier than expected– Sept. 4 to be exact. John Bennett, the director of Student Activities, said that he and Michael Steele, the Assistant Director of Student Activities, have been working on and discussing this year’s Quadstock for months. The two have been working hard contacting many agents and concert companies for lights, sound and other important aspects for the concert.

Bennett revealed that rock boy band Boyce Avenue will be headlining this year’s Quadstock. Boyce Avenue is known for their covers, and should put on an awesome show for this year’s Quadstock, providing a completely different sound compared to last year’s Mike Posner.

Boyce Avenue
Boyce Avenue will be headlining this year’s Quadstock concert. Creative Commons/Courtesy

  “Traditionally Quadstock has always been Labor Day Weekend as a sort of  ‘welcome back’ concert and day to spend on the Quad seeing new and old friends,” Bennett said. “This year it’s back to the original date, and outdoors again as well. Like always, we’re asking students to open for the show if they have a band. If we get good student participation, we’ll view it as a better Quadstock, regardless of the artists performance.”

With some disappointment among many last year when Quadstock was postponed until November, and on top of that, moved to the auditorium, John Bennett revealed that this year’s Quadstock will definitely be outside. “That’s the best change about it this year, bringing it back to where it’s supposed to be held. Heck, even the Yankees played their home games at Shea Stadium while their own stadium was being renovated during the 70’s. It’s nice to be back where it’s supposed to be played,” Bennett said.

The only reason this year’s Quadstock will be moved indoors is if the forecast is for rain, Bennett added, as they have to start set-up early that morning for the concert. Rain or shine, Quadstock never seems to disappoint. “When all was said and done, last year turned out great with Mike Posner. Obviously, we would have liked it to take place earlier in the year and outside, but with the construction of the Quad pavers, that wasn’t possible,” Bennett said.