Swinging into Spring NYC Style

So now that Springfest has ended and we are all on the fast track to the end of the year, there are a limited number of weekends left to really take advantage of all the fun NYC has to offer specifically geared to Harold in the start of Summer. Instead of spending your Saturdays and Sundays hangover from Fenwicks, grab a bottle of water and head to one of these five picks for spring things to do in NYC.

1. Smorgåsburg

The food festival in Williamsburg we all know and love. It has somewhat become a staple of spring and summer in NYC, because who doesn’t like basking in the sun and having a foodgasm all at the same time. The event has grown to take on multiple locations throughout Brooklyn on Saturdays and Sundays, each offering something a little different. Smorgasburg essentially has two arms, the food festival as well as the Brooklyn Flea market. So depending on what you are looking for be careful not to get confused. The food is in Williamsburg or Prospect Park and the flea is in Dumbo or Ft. Green. Focusing more on the food because, I mean really, that is what we are all interested in, there are definitely some vendors not to miss. Grab a hibiscus donut at Dough, or some Hawaiian specialties at East Coast Poke, or some truly amazing French fries covered in cheese at Home Frite. Maybe after all that grab yourself a run in the park, or a food nap, whatever you prefer.

2. Le Bain Sundays (21+)

Ahhh… Sunday, the day to rest, relax and rejuvenate for the week ahead. What is a better way to do that then with a pitcher of mojitos, looking over the city at a bougie lounge with a DJ.  Le Bain at the Standard hotel in the Meatpacking district is known for their Sunday brunch parties. Going on for the better part of the afternoon this hotspot is a guaranteed nonsensical good time. The music is always great and the crowd is always diverse and happy. Who wouldn’t be if you were on a hotel rooftop, watching the sunset over the skyline. Yea, it is arguably the best part. So if you are looking for something non traditional to do next Sunday, or just are in dire need of that flawless pic for Instagram, head to Le Bain and you wont be disappointed.

3. Juice Bar Crawl

If the night before, you crawled around a different kind of bar, then this new trendy crawl may be for you. Starting of your crawl is a light workout to get you in the right mentality to consume a crazy amount of greens, veggies, fruits and spices. The concept is to socialize with new people, while sampling some of the fun and unique juices NYC has to offer. It is definitely different and definitely more hipster than any of us would like to admit, but honestly who wouldn’t want to walk around just drinking smoothies and juices. Plus afterward, your body feels good, refreshed and ready to take on the day (or night). Attenders have said that not only do they enjoy the experience but it is a good way to meet like minded and fun individuals, since you are all crawling together.  Tickets are available on http://www.juicecrawl.com/.

4. Cascabels Summer Tacos and Sangria (21+)

If you have ever been to the 110th stop on the 1 train (why would anyone have ever gotten off there), then you may have passed by a little place with blue walls, oddly coloured chairs, and weird Dia de los Muertos décor. Well if you happen to be walking by on a Monday night, you should walk right through those doors and take a seat because you are in for a real treat. Cascabels is a little tex mex restaurant that specializes in hand made, truly amazing tacos. With two locatons (110th and Broadway as well as 80th and 2nd ave), they are able to dish out corn wrapped goodness to the majority of upper Manhattan. However, during the warmer months they bring out the real deal Monday night special. For $25, not only do you get unlimited Sangria (or XX Cerveza) but you get unlimited tacos. The sangria part is great, because seriously….green apples, but the taco part is really what seals the deal. Keep tabs on your waiter so you can usher him back asap because you only have two hours. Make sure to try out the Al Pastor, Baja Fish, Vegetal, or Amish Chicken. You will not regret it.

5. Brooklyn Botanical Garden

After you have eaten all the food, drank all the juice and danced the afternoon away, maybe it is time for something more tranquil. A walk through the gardens perhaps? We have all heard of the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx, but the gardens in Brooklyn are truly majestic. While this is a little bit more of a trek for us Riverdale people (take the 2/3 to Grand Army Plaza), it is definitely worth it. With amazing exhibitions and garden themed events, there are plenty of opportunities to be visually and nasally amazed. One of the most interesting gardens here is the Fragrance Garden. As the first public garden specifically designed for the sight impaired, there are a plethora of plants with unique textures, and more importantly smells. With sweet flowers and savoury herbs, this garden will provide a sensory experience like no other. Student discounts and special free days and hours are available, so check out the garden’s website for more details. http://www.bbg.org/