Review: The Brooklyn Flea Market and Smorgåsburg


The Brooklyn Flea Market and Smorgasburg open this month, just in time for the nice weather. Both of these events are just a train ride away and contain some of the best sights in Brooklyn.

The two began collaborating in 2008, and have become increasingly popular since then. Although they split to become two separate entities they both provide a truly unique experience for anybody looking to spend the day in some of the most beautiful spots in Brooklyn.

This season, every Saturday the flea market takes root in Fort Greene and each Sunday it settles in Manhattan Bridge’s Archway Plaza. Rain or shine, various vendors from around the city take their place to sell their collections of eclectic and vintage goods from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Vendors sell goods of all kinds including records, crafts, vintage clothing, and antique rugs and furniture. Prices can range depending on what you’re searching for. If you want a custom leather jacket from The Who’s original tour you’re going to have to shell out a couple hundred dollars. Still, a couple tents over you can find floral rompers, reimagined vintage jean jackets, and custom mom jeans for a more student friendly budget.

Getting to the Sunday flea in DUMBO was an easy commute from Manhattan College to the Archway Plaza. After riding the one train to 96th street, you cross the platform and hop aboard the faster 2 train. The stop is the first Brooklyn stop on the 2 train, Clark Street, and then a walk to the extremely scenic DUMBO location. The walk is a little tiresome but it includes breathtaking views of One World Trade Center and the Brooklyn Bridge. Just around the corner from the market is the famous Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park and stunning views of the Hudson River.

“The Flea Market itself was very cool to walk through. All the people were so nice too and I bought some cute vintage pieces,” Brianna DelSanto, a sophomore, said. “The only drawbacks I would have is that some of the items are a little pricey and it was far away and a hike to find. But window shopping there was still a ton of fun.”

“As a student at Manhattan College I think everyone should experience this at least once because it gets us off campus to explore the city more, introduces us to new places and people and is just a fun way to spend a Saturday or Sunday without being too wildly expensive.” DelSanto said. “I got some much needed sun after a stressful couple of weeks in the O’Malley Library too.”

When you finish shopping, head over to Smorgasburg for some of the best food vendors in New York. It is the closest you will ever get to experiencing all of New York’s unique food in a day. Although it can be overwhelming at first, with crowds of people with barking dogs and crying babies, it is part of New York’s magic. They have everything from lobster rolls, to ramen burgers, to burrito fries (my personal favorite). Basically, it is a foodie’s heaven.

Both locations, Williamsburg and Prospect Park, are open until October, making it a perfect summer adventure. They are both in incredible neighborhoods of Brooklyn and are relatively inexpensive. On Saturdays it is in Williamsburg, at East River State Park, on the Waterfront. Here, you can find the perfect New York skyline. From Manhattan College, transfer to the 2 to 14th street, and then transfer to the L to Bedford Ave. On Sundays, Smorgasburg is located in Prospect Park at Breeze Hill. From Manhattan College, transfer to the 2 and get off at Grand Army Plaza and walk.

“Williamsburg Smorgasburg was absolutely incredible. Our options were endless,” Nicole Fella said. “Whether you were interested in Indian or Mexican, lobster rolls or ramen burgers, you were never without something to eat.”

“Despite the long lines and crowds, the vendors are friendly and the options are endless. My favorite part about Smorgasburg was enjoying my food on the beach with a view of the NYC skyline,” Fella said.

Smorgasburg makes a great Brooklyn adventure, and it is perfect for Manhattan students in the Bronx to explore other boroughs. “I don’t make it out to Brooklyn too often. It’s so much different from Manhattan, and Williamsburg in general seems to have something different every time I go,” Abby Addams said.

If you are tired of the touristy spots of Manhattan, check out Smorgasburg or Brooklyn Flea to experience what New York really has to offer. Make the most of this amazing weather and remember why going to a school in this city is so unique.