T-Pain Takes the Stage for Annual Springfest Concert

By Lindsey Burns & Ally Hutzler, Editors

This past weekend, over 2,500 students piled into Draddy Gymnasium for a daytime concert headlined by T-Pain.

The hip hop and R&B singer-songwriter wore a green Manhattan College jersey while performing some of his top hits, including “Buy U A Drink,” “Bartender” and his newly released remix to Desiigner’s hit single “Panda.”

Photo by Kevin Fuhrmann. The Quadrangle.

The concert was scheduled to begin at 1 p.m., and students lined the quad as early as 12 p.m. waiting for the doors to open. With no opening act, students spilled into Draddy as T-Pain was already performing on stage.

The concert lasted just under an hour.

“When [T-Pain] showed up that day he wanted to move the concert, which is impossible the day of, because no students would know about it,” John Bennett, the director of student activities, said.

Photo by Kevin Fuhrmann. The Quadrangle.

The artist had another performance that evening and as a result was pressed for time. The 15 minute meet and greet and interviews that he had agreed to ahead of time were cut dramatically short.

“It was annoying.” Bennett said. “But I don’t think it affected the concert itself at all.”

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive for T-Pain, who was the number one artist students voted for in an online survey last semester.

“I’m really happy that a lot of people came and we got an artist that the majority of the student body liked,” Nicholas Weyland, student body president, said.

“The coolest part about it was that T-Pain was the number one voted for artist by the student body. We got the person that the student body voted for out of 80 or 90 people, which is rare.”

Photo by Kevin Furhmann. The Quadrangle

According to Weyland, the concert was an overall success in terms of student turnout, especially compared to past years.

“I think, just from a student government and student activities perspective, getting more and more people is the goal,” Weyland said. “The goal is getting an artist here that people want. Everyone was having a good time, everyone was jamming out.”

Audience members were generally in agreement with Weyland and were happy with T-Pain and his performance.

“It was great. I loved it,” Benjamin Akyereko said of his first concert ever. “I thought it was amazing that we had this opportunity to come out and have a good time and have everybody be Jaspers together.”

Akyereko is a junior at Manhattan, but just recently transferred from Campbell University in North Carolina. At his previous school they did not offer events like Springfest, where the students can celebrate and have fun.

“Honestly, they didn’t care about the students as much as Manhattan College does,” Akyereko said.

Springfest Quad 2k16
Photo Courtesy of Manhattan College.

After the concert, there was a carnival and barbecue held on the quad. Games, including an inflatable rock climbing wall, and hamburgers and hot dogs attracted students to stick around campus even after the main event was over.

“I really enjoyed it. There were so many people there, it was a great atmosphere,” sophomore Jose Meza said.

This years’ Springfest managed to appease students, faculty and administration alike. The annual event usually brings with it unruliness, but this year contained very few incidents.

“I’m honestly really proud of how our students behaved at the events,” Bennett said. “Anytime you have close to 3,000 students at one event, things are bound to go wrong, but overall, the students were so well behaved.”