Dorian Persaud Wins Election for Student Body President

The 2016-2017 Student Government elections are now over after weeks of campaigning. Votes were tallied and party lines were crossed as members of Quadline Bling and the Quad Squad both were victorious.

Some members will be returning to their current positions, some have ran for a different position and won, and others will be entering their first term at Manhattan College.

Dorian Persaud and Michael Szczech will become student body president and executive vice president. Nich Weyland and Tiffanie McIntosh currently hold those positions and will be finishing out the rest of the 2016 school year as their final term.

Weyland discussed his loss for a second term as president.

“ I guess it hasn’t really sunk in yet,” Weyland said. “I’m grateful for my opportunity, but I feel like I’m letting people down.”

Weyland also spoke of some of the accomplishments that Student Government made this academic year.

“We built a team in student government and I think we helped build awareness of the presence of student government,” Weyland said. “ We [2015-2016 Student Government] accomplished the things that we set out to do, I’m happy we were able to do it.”

Persaud, who will become president next school year, is among the lot of first timers when it comes to student government. However he currently holds other leadership roles on campus, one of which is his position as an RA for Chrysostom Hall.

“ I have confidence in myself as a leader,” Persaud said. “But regardless, I want to work to make nobody feel excluded.”

Szczech, the soon to be executive vice president, has previous experience with Student Government but was removed from his position for reasons that were not disclosed.

Nicole Fella won her campaign for the vice president for academic affairs, a job that is currently held by George Schlinck.

Olivia Siller and Mahamoud Diop are assuming the roles of vice president for residential affairs and vice president for club administration. Currently, Paige Hughes and Ivan Bohorquez hold those positions.

Micaela Bishop will replace Kaitlin Lang as vice president for commuter affairs. Bishop is currently the junior class representative.

The vice President for Social Life has been named Allison Ready. Ready is replacing Nicholas Scanga.

The new Vice President for Communication is Allie Yamashiro, who will be taking over for Natalie Heinitz.

The vice president for finance will remain Matthew Mattera. Mattera is the only current member of the executive board to keep his position for next year.

Senior Class Representatives will be Sean Potter and Madison Swenton, Alannah Boyle will represent the junior class, and Megan Haber will represent the sophomore class alongside Alexander Constantine.

There are also two positions available for Freshman Representative which will be filled after their arrival on campus. Freshman Representative elections will be held early next fall.

The School of Education Representative will be Kaitlyn von Runnen, Elizabeth Bruchansky will represent the School of Science, LisaMarie Nilaj will represent the School of Engineering, and Timothy Gress will represent the School of Arts along with Kyle Clancy.