Scatterbomb Wraps Up the Semester Celebrating Christmas

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Photo by Lindsey Burns


Donned in ugly Christmas sweaters and holiday-colored attire, Scatterbomb wrapped up its Fall 2015 semester with a Christmas themed show on Dec. 4.

“We thought it was one of the best shows of the semester,” Matt Clark, a junior CIS and management double major and a member of the troupe said. “As always, we had a great crowd and they really helped to keep the show upbeat and exciting.”

The first half of the show consisted of half of the troupe participating in a long-form mono-scene revolving around a group of neighbors all named Denis.

“It was definitely one of the most entertaining sketches this semester,” Lucas Gilbride, a junior accounting major and consistent audience member, said.

In the mono-scene, one Denis was particularly upset over two other neighbors, who happened to also be named Denis, who took the liberty of using his yard for various activities, such as burying their dead pets. The audience was introduced to the wife of the angry Denis, Denise and their son Denis. The audience laughed along as their story unfolded on stage.

The second half of the show was a montage of several short scenes, some lasting less than a minute. At the end of the show, the members held an audience-wide ugly Christmas sweater competition, where members of the audience came up on stage and competed for the best sweater.

The winner of the competition, Aleysha Taveras, modeled a sweater dedicated to senior Scatterbomb member RJ Liberto, complete with several pictures of Liberto taped to her sweater.

“I had planned it out and wanted to do something out of the box,” Taveras, a senior secondary education and history double major, said. “I’m super close with RJ [Liberto] so I wanted to do something that would honor him.”

Taveras said it was an honor to win and that she was so happy. As first place winner, she received a portrait of a Japanese geisha.

Overall, the entire Scatterbomb semester was a success. The comedy troupe saw the addition of four new members, and they all performed strongly throughout the semester.

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Photo by Lindsey Burns


“This semester was unique in a way that there were so many new faces in the group. It was a little daunting coming into a new semester with four new members, but it’s been exciting to find a brand new type of chemistry and energy with four unique comedic voices in Matt, Maddie, Kevin and Will,” Drew Murphy, a senior communication and English double major and senior member of Scatterbomb, said. “I look forward to next semester because now that we’ve gotten over the initial newness and unfamiliarity of it all, our shows should elevate in further quality.”

Scatterbomb will return next February.