Stress During the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It is that time of the year, once again. The time when we are all eager to sit around all day and do absolutely nothing. However, there is one hurdle standing between us and the holiday break. Final exams.

The semester inevitably leads to finals week, and for the upperclassmen who have experienced finals before, preparation now begins. However, for freshmen international studies major Maeghan Flanagan, her first finals week is daunting.

“I’m definitely nervous because of the amount of hate and stress I’ve heard about finals,” Flanagan said.

One thing she does not have to worry about are multiple exams on the same day and she has different forms of finals in her classes.

“I have two long papers, two written exams and a group presentation to do,” Flanagan said. “Luckily they are all spread out so nothing overlaps.”

For junior communications major Sam O’Connell, final exams will be based on the work she has been doing all semester.

“My classes are all pretty hands-on so I feel like I’ve been putting in work all semester long,” O’Connell said. “In one of my classes, Field and Post with Dr. Grabowski, we have been learning how to use equipment and using an editing program which our final will consist of.”

While the work is different in every major, computer science major and senior Adam Barillas said that this is the hardest finals have ever been for him.

“I’ve had so many projects and presentations this semester along with all my other class work that I have been a little stressed out,” Barillas said. “But I don’t have exams on multiple days like I have in the past. It was exhausting finishing one final and going straight to another one and this year I don’t have that.”

It is easy to get stressed out when there is an entire week devoted to one strong percentage of a final course grade.

“What I find works best to alleviate the stress is to make sure I keep a time that I am going to relax and hang out in my schedule,” O’Connell said. “If I don’t have at least an hour to myself to watch something or chat with someone I find myself procrastinating much more then I would if I would have just given myself the hour.”

For Flanagan, she is already finding ways to get rid of some of the stress that begins to pile up.

“For me going to work is a huge outlet for me,” Flanagan said. “A couple hours outside of campus gets my mind off everything and it’s a nice breather.”

It is important to create time for yourself in the middle of the craziness that all students and professors face during this time of the semester.

Just remember that every exam you take is one step closer to being finished and then you can recharge, come back and do it all over again.