Student Activities Works Out Kinks in Online Ticket System


Student Activities introduced a new online service to make the process of purchasing tickets for events a little easier as part of its incentive to become a cash-free office.

While this has introduced a new convenience for some students, Student Activities is actively working to deal with technical difficulties that have cropped up.

“I like the new system better because you don’t have to get to the Student Activities office an hour in advance,” student Gus Menocal said.

“I remember last year I came to get tickets and the line was almost down the stairs of Kelly and I had to go to class too so that was unfortunate. My friends and I ordered the tickets [online] and it was simple.”

The new system gives students the opportunity to purchase a ticket quickly without any lines, waiting in person or cash.

“We are going in the right direction,” Director of Student Activities John Bennett said.

“The differences between this system and the old one is that it’s less anxiety on the students so they don’t have to say ‘Hey tomorrow I have to miss class because I am going to be waiting on line to get this ticket.’ I’m happy that for the student perspective we are providing a much more casual and relaxed atmosphere, you can purchase your ticket and come pick it up at any time.

“One of the frustrating parts we have unfortunately are for the Knicks and Rangers games and other Madison Square Garden Events. They do not provide us with tickets until 72 hours before the event,” Bennett said.

“It makes it a little harder for the students because they have to wait to pick up their ticket.”

Although this system has made purchasing tickets more convenient for some students, there are still issues with the system that Student Activities is working on.

“As with any new system there’s the growing pains and we have gotten a few student concerns, complaints and issues,” Bennett said.

“Overall we had a lot less issues than expected. As long as you reach out to us, we will accommodate you. If you are having an issue with picking up your ticket, you can email us and have a friend come get it for you. We just need to know. Communication is half the battle but, students needs to be conscious of the time aspect.”

Some of the issues students have encountered are being able to buy multiple tickets, price differences and not having the ability to access the tickets.

Students are only allowed to purchase one single ticket per one undergraduate student account but some students have been able to purchase two.

Student Activities cannot refund the student if they purposely purchase two tickets from one account. There were also a small handful of students who were charged $40 for a $20 event.

Student Activities is actively working with ITS to eliminate these problems.

“IT has been very helpful and has been working with us,” Bennett said.

“They trouble shoot and work out issues with credits. We are working out all of the bugs. Another issue is when friends pay for other friends on credit cards, the receipt goes to the wrong person.”

“We are learning the ins and outs of those issues as we go about. We are compiling every student complaint and issue we receive and will meet about them in a few weeks. We want to see the reoccurring problems and address them.”

Student Jill DeGioia said, “Buying the ticket online was really easy but at first it wouldn’t accept my debit card. I had to use a different card. It was a Visa so it should have been accepted because I had money on it. Once I used my Discover instead the actual ticket purchasing process was simple.”

There has been more positive feedback compared to negative but any response is highly encouraged by Student Activities.