Coffee House 11/1

by Taylor Brethauer, Staff Writer

Every month, the student publication Manhattan Magazine encourages students to perform at their “coffeehouse” and every time, the students do not disappoint.

Photos by Taylor Brethauer
Photos by Taylor Brethauer

This past Sunday, Nov. 1, the club hosted the second coffeehouse of the school year, this time located in Jasper Hall’s first floor lounge. Acts ranged from stand-up comedy, slam poetry and singing from the very talented student body.

Many students claimed to have nerves as they stepped in front of the growing crowd but each performance continued to get better. While for some it was their first time performing a certain poem that they wrote or even performing in general, the energy of the crowd let them know they did a fantastic job.

“That was the first time I had [performed my poetry]. I love watching spoken word on YouTube. I was beyond nervous and shaking, but I felt really good after. Everyone laughed and clapped and it was a good self-confidence boost,” said junior Katelyn-Rose Conroy, who read her original poetry for everyone.

The most common performances were singing acts, either with a friend or as a solo, on piano or guitar or ukulele.

Photos by Taylor Brethauer
Photos by Taylor Brethauer

With the sound of music playing outside of the doors of the lounge, it drew in more people as they were passing through Jasper Hall.

Students stopped in to see what the big crowd was for, as singers entertained the audience with songs they prepared. The crowd’s favorites were when friends performed together, especially the duo “2 Spooky 4 U” singing “Monster Mash” or sister-duo Tara Ann and Siobahn Connor singing a mash-up of songs.

“My sister and I practiced earlier today and [singing together] brings people close, it’s a lot of fun,” said freshman Tara Ann Connor.

However, the best part of any show is how the audience affects the performance. The crowd at this coffeehouse was having a lot of fun laughing at jokes and cheering on those who had never performed before.

Photos by Taylor Brethauer
Photos by Taylor Brethauer

“If you’re doing your best and having fun, the audience will also have fun,” said sophomore David Cartolano.

Each coffeehouse continues to outdo the previous one, as more people want to display their talents or just come to have a relaxed Sunday night. Emcee RJ Liberto continues to see the crowds grow and enjoys the environment of the coffeehouse, an event different than other performances on campus.

“People will come see their friends and listen to music and will take two hours out of their night. They’ll come relax and have fun and I absolutely love doing this. I see some new people come each time and I kept seeing people stop in tonight because they were passing by,” Liberto said.

Manhattan Magazine encourages students to keep an eye out for the next coffeehouse, happening sometime after Thanksgiving break or early December. Drafts for the Magazine are due Nov. 13, but there is a workshop Nov. 6 as well.

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