What’s In Your Fridge?

Forget the artsy posters and pictures; the new must-have dorm room accessory is food.

And not just the typical ramen noodles and potato chips, although those are still an effective way for students to curb both hunger and avoid campus dining, but also more sophisticated snacks and even meals.

“For me, keeping snacks in the room is vital for keeping up energy in between classes,” freshman Daina Curran said. “Also, not everyone has schedules that work out in a way that would allow you to sit at Locke’s and have a full meal prior to your next class.”

So what are students here at MC keeping in their dorm rooms? For many Jaspers, the tried and true favorites such as macaroni and cheese and breakfast bars do the trick.

Photo by Ally Hutzler
Photo by Ally Hutzler

Sophomore Amanda Critelli, a resident in Lee Hall, opens the door of her stainless steel miniature refrigerator, and thus her life, to reveal coffee creamer, granola, yogurt, peanut butter and Kit Kats.

“Between juggling classes and having a job in the city most of my snacks are easily able to be eaten on-the-go. Although they are simple, they will get the job done,” Critelli said.

It would be difficult to find a student who would disagree with Critelli’s logic. With hectic, ever-changing schedules most students opt for foods that are easy, quick and tasty.

“Protein bars are the number one thing that are always in my fridge,” sophomore Patrick Estanbouli said. “They can be taken to class or the library.”

However, for some students these simple snacks simply won’t do.

Daina Curran keeps frozen fruit, tortilla rounds, salsa, cheese, spinach and pasta in her dorm room. Also within reach are baking essentials, such as flour and vanilla extract.

While these may seem like ordinary food items, what is not ordinary is the company they keep: a frying pan, a saucepan and a blender.

“Cooking equipment is probably one of the last things a person things about bringing with them so college but I think it’s so important to have at least one or two good items,” Curran said.

Feeling comfortable and at home in the kitchen from having cooked alongside her mother for years, Curran makes anything from smoothies to quesadillas to triple-layer cakes.

Often found in her common area on the third floor of Horan or in the Jasper Hall kitchen, Curran utilizes the residence hall kitchens to cook for her and friends. She is well known by her neighbors and suitemates, who she says are appreciative of the home away from home-cooked meals.

For other students, the many delis and restaurants surrounding campus provide food that can be taken back to the dorms as snacks.

“I love Best Deli for sandwiches and wraps,” Dorian Persaud said. “I go there more often because it is so much more convenient than cooking.”

So whatever your snacking style may be, whether stocking up on granola bars, cooking in the lounges or going to the local eateries there is always a way to a Jasper’s heart through their stomachs.