Zumba Madness at Manhattan College

On several nights during the week, students of all majors and genders start gathering in front of the mini gym in Alumni Hall.

 While it is still 10 minutes prior to the start of Zumba Maxx,  everyone wants that front spot in the room as attendees start lining up.

It’s no wonder why.

The instructors, Luke Hartman and Michelle Beltrán, dance their heart off to motivate others and do not give up while performing the most intensive aerobic moves for one hour, three nights a week.

Deanne Griswa, senior, has been attending Zumba on campus since freshman year.

“It is an amazing workout,” she said. “I never sweat so much in my entire life.”

Her energy was palpable, even minutes after the class was done, when asked about the comparison between Zumba class and going to the gym.

“I usually give up at the gym, I can stay here for a full hour and not give up.”

A exercise that combines high-level cardio with choreographed dance routine, Zumba Maxx gets participants’ heart rates up while burning hundreds of calories.

While it certainly is intense, it should not be intimidating for new-comers.

Participants are welcome to take breaks as the instructors keep moving.

Kevin Boisseau, a freshman, came to class for the first time to accompany his friends.

“It was hard, but it was fun,” Boisseau said.

Just one class had him hooked.

“If my friends don’t want to come, I would still come.”

Much like parents hide unappealing vegetables to get their children proper nutrition, Zumba packages a total-body workout as a fun dance party.

The music often is up-tempo but varies from Carribean-infused pop reggae to current radio hits.

Since the choreographies and songs change weekly, people don’t get bored of it and always get come with a sense of excitement.

Zumba has proven to be a fun way to get your cardio done for a lot of people. The class, held each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 p.m., invites all MC students and faculty.

This year the attendance has grown and there is barely enough space for more people in the mini gym.

If you are looking for a new way to fight the Freshman 15 and an excuse to have that extra cookie in Locke’s, give Zumba Maxx a try.

But, be sure to come early.

Editor’s Note: Luke Hartman is a Production Editor for The Quadrangle