To Greek or Not to Greek



What comes to mind when you think sorority or fraternity? Just those words create an image of wild parties, arrests, hazing and more. Do people really understand what Greek life is about?

Greek life is great not only for Manhattan College, but our futures. Sororities and fraternities can have a positive impact, if you look past their wrongful reputation and realize their true value. In reality, Greek life is more synonymous with family. It’s a place to find people who are looking for and interested in the same things as you. It’s a place where people gather in a community that focuses on the mutual advancement of one another.

We all know that media today has a large impact on our opinions. Between the news and entertainment, our views have been completely molded. The news is constantly portraying stories on fraternity parties and injuries due to hazing. This is what people remember about Greek life.

Entertainment mirrors this in movies like “Neighbors,” where the fraternity throws wild parties that cause the police to come. There is a certain societal view because of this. It is thought that pledges are treated like animals and the people who join Greek life are ditzy and arrogant. I find this to be quite on the contrary.

Earlier this year, I took a risk and decided to attend a recruitment session for Alpha Upsilon Pi, a sorority on campus. What I found surprised me and proved to me that Greek life is not what it seems. As I walked in, I could not help but smile. The girls of Alpha Upsilon Pi were so friendly and welcoming, offering us cute cupcakes and encouraging us to meet the people of the sorority. The sorority is built upon a close-knit community who love helping others, meeting new people and crafting. They refer to each other as their sisters and consider the sorority a family. By the end of the session I decided to rush Alpha Upsilon Pi in the spring, because I’m convinced it’s the place for me.

After this experience I realized what a false view students have on Greek life. I talked to some students on the quad, asking them about their initial thoughts on Greek life. Many attributed parties, drinking and hazing to Greek life, which is what I expected. They were oblivious to what the sororities and fraternities at Manhattan College do and some did not even know they existed. I asked them, what if I told you it was about making life long friendships, helping others and having fun. Many people’s reactions changed. Some were in disbelief, while one person even said, “sign me up.”

When asked if she would consider joining Greek life, Samantha Berardi, a freshman, said, “I have never considered it before, I guess I just wasn’t into the whole scene, but I like that they are so close, so maybe I will.” Greek life can benefit so many people if they would just be open- minded to what it is truly about.

Greek life creates a sense of community in our school and forms connections for our futures. Greek life is an overall positive aspect to Manhattan College, if only more people knew about it.