Class of 2018 Is Most Competitive Recruiting Class in College History

The class of 2018 marks the most competitive recruiting year for Manhattan College ever as it received a record number of applications for admissions to the college, according to data from the Office of Admissions. This class also has the largest percentage of students from outside New York in the college’s history.

“Most of the freshman class is from New York state, however, the freshmen class is comprised of more students outside of New York this year in comparison to previous years,” Director of Admissions Dana Rose said. The freshman population hailing from Delaware, Virginia and Maryland grew by 31 percent this year in comparison to previous freshman classes. The furthest freshman comes to the Bronx from Beijing, China.

While competition for a seat at MC this fall was stiffer, the application process has remained the same.

“The process has not changed from previous years.  Students are still required to submit their high school transcript, SAT and ACT scores, recommendation letters and a college essay,” Rose said.

Some professors said they notice the difference in this freshman class. “In terms of personality, this freshman class is energetic, enthusiastic and very outgoing,” Martha Mendez-Baldwin, Ph.D. and assistant professor of psychology, said. She is a professor of classes offered through the Arches program that is exclusively for freshmen.

“I see a lot more diversity in this freshman class. I have a few students from Spain and Puerto Rico,” she said. “I think the diversity is exciting and will contribute to an enhanced learning experience and a stimulating exchange of ideas and perspectives.”

Some students said that the reason they chose the college was for its atmosphere, location and learning environment.

Freshman Amara Becker said what attracted her to MC was “the size of the school, the fact that it’s near NYC and the diversity of the student population.”

“It’s a small school, I have got very close to my friends, maybe I wouldn’t have achieved that in a larger university,” Tom Beaulieu said. “I also feel more focused on my school work because I am actually required to go to class. The professors know my name.”

The college’s national profile is also on the rise as recently released rankings on return on investment place it among top U.S. universities and colleges. Money Magazine listed MC as number 40 of 655 universities and colleges that provide the best value for its cost.

However, the 758 freshmen do not constitute the largest freshman class in college history.

“The largest freshman class was in the late 80s when Manhattan College was mostly a commuter school. This year, Manhattan College has 758 registered new freshmen on campus” Rose said.

Of the 758 freshmen, 54 of them entered as undecided majors which marks an increase from last year. Civil engineering remains the most popular major among the entering class. Males make up 54 percent of the class and females make up 46 percent.