Health and Fitness Tips By Amber

Week 4: Boosting Your Metabolism

A good way to stay in shape and lose weight is to eat specific foods that can boost your metabolism and therefore help you burn fat faster. Besides these five foods that help do that, drinking plenty of water also helps.

1.) Spinach

Filled with nutrients, spinach not only boosts your metabolism but also fights diseases such as osteoporosis and colon cancer. There are mental benefits as well, supposedly spinach helps the mind age slower and can even reduce stress.

2.) Green Tea

Research suggests that green tea contains a plant compound called EGGG which promotes fat burning. It’s also packed with antioxidants and flavonoids.

3.) Blueberries

This fruit is known to be a popular antioxidant and also helps prevent free radicals which can slow down muscle growth and fat loss.

4.) Whey Protein

This is the highest quality and best form of protein. It produces amino acids that build muscle tissue and also helps the immune system.

5.) Almonds

With good calories and lots of nutrition packed into a small portion, almonds contain good fat, fiber and vitamin E.