JasperNet Sign-On Gets a Facelift

When students returned from break they were introduced to a new look when they signed into their Manhattan College account. What was simply a login screen has been revamped to offer students and staff more information when they sign into the network.

The new login screen for JasperNet includes a cleaner layout and ITS update panel. Photo by Michelle DePinho.
The new log-in screen for JasperNet includes a cleaner layout and ITS update panel. Photo by Michelle DePinho.

The motive behind the most recent change was to offer more help to people signing into the network.

There is more information on help assistance and site specific messages,” Cindy Duggan, Assistant Director of Web and Collaboration said. “There are also service status’ now added and links to other kinds of resources.”

While some may speculate that the change was due to problems with the JasperNet sign-in page, Duggan explains that was not the case at all.

It always worked but it did the most basic thing which was to just logging in,” Duggan said. “But now there is just more information that people can use as a resource.”

Some of the resources that were added to the login page are ways to manage your current account where you can reset your password if needed. There are also links to call the help desk if needed, activation for new student accounts, a link to the ITS web page for help and assistance and web service status’ to see if the servers are up and down.

Student feedback of the new log-in look came with mixed reviews.

The new page is effective and it looks nice but its still nothing special,” sophomore Cierra Howard said. “It does looks more professional and it is nice to have the new links right on the page.”

Other students, however, have a different opinion about the new changes.

I still think it looks boring,” said sophomore Alexis Montagno. “I was a little confused when I first opened it because it looked like I was logging into the library.”

While there were some slight changes to the new login page, Duggan said that in the future they are planning to do even more improvements to make the site more relatable to the rest of colleges main website.

Right now everything is responsive, but I eventually want the startup Manhattan page and the login page to look the same,” Duggan said. “I want the site to have a look similar to Twitter but it would still contain the same information.”

For more information about the new changes to the login page visit Manhattan College ITS Blog.