Health and Fitness Tips by Amber

Week 3: Healthy Body Image

We all get fit to feel better about ourselves, but it’s not all about what we see in the mirror. Learning to love ourselves and getting into the right mindset can actually make a difference.

1.) Appreciate your body

Our body does amazing things without us even knowing it. If you’re reading this, you’re breathing and seeing at the very least. Later when you work out, your legs will run, your abs will crunch, your biceps will curl and maybe you’ll even go to Fens and dance a little later. Not everyone can say the same.

2.) Remember there’s more than meets the eye

Looks are most certainly not everything and they do fade with age. Personality matters and it can’t be photoshopped.

3.) Get off social media now and then

You’re most likely seeing everyone’s highlights while thinking about your insecurities, so make a point to log off here and there and you may see a difference in your self-esteem.

4.) Believe in yourself

Get all of the negative thoughts about yourself out of your head and love yourself unconditionally for who you are today, right now.

5.) Get motivated and never give up

Set some goals, get a work-out buddy you can count on and get going. A year from now or even a month from now you’ll have wished you started today.