Students Paint Easter Eggs at Methodist Home



Manhattan College’s sorority chapter of Alpha Upsilon Pi held a volunteer trip to the Methodist Home for Nursing and Rehabilitation on April 11. The sorority members helped residents color Easter eggs, while others created pinwheels and cut out springtime decorations to liven up the home’s common area. Alpha Upsilon Pi reached out to the Methodist Home about four years ago, and has developed a relationship with them. The sorority has been volunteering at the home ever since.

We play bingo with the residents. Sometimes we just come in to have a chat with them in their room and drop off books that they can read.  I think it means a lot to them, especially if their family can’t come around often,” said Marita Keane, graduate student and Alpha Upsilon Pi member.

During the spring semester, the volunteers will bring the residents out to the patio area and have a chat.

One of the elderly was a track star growing up, so he was remembering the times he would run outside, and the beautiful weather. He said he hadn’t been outside in three months. So they really like it when we take them outside,” said Atiya Raja, a junior member.

This is Alpha Upsilon Pi’s third and final event with the home this semester. Rosa Freitas, charity head of Alpha Upsilon Pi, coordinates with Helen Baez-O’Brien, director of therapeutic recreation and volunteer services at the home, about volunteering opportunities.

It gives the residents a chance to talk to students. The residents talk about it for days afterward,” said Baez-O’Brien.

It is great for the sorority and the home, in giving back to community and resources for volunteering. In the future we are looking to have the volunteers help us start a herb garden with the residents for a beautiful and fun environment.”

Alpha will definitely develop and continue this relationship that we have the home,” said Keane.

It’s nearby, it’s convenient and they’re really welcoming to visitors and the help. They definitely need it, so it works out for both ends.”