Health and Fitness Tips by Amber

Week 2: Abs

Maintaining your abdominal core muscles is an essential part of being in overall good physical health.

1.) Abs are made in the kitchen

Supposedly abs are a result of your diet, not necessarily of your workout routine alone. This statement definitely correlates with the theory that our diet makes up 70 percent of our health and working out is only the remaining 30 percent. Eating clean is vital for serious results.

2.) But do work out your abs

This means planks, crunches, reverse crunches, leg lifts, squat jumps…you get the idea.

3.) Try to remove carbonated drinks and excess salt from your diet

These two things cause bloating,and combined with getting good nutrition from eating clean, this can make all the difference.

4.) Make sure you’re also working out your back and glutes

Glute bridges and mountain climbers for days and of course the almighty squat (squats burn the most calories per rep.

5.) Cardio

Engage your core, if your belly is cold to the touch you’re doing it right.