Health and Fitness Tips by Amber

This column will explore the best health and fitness tips for the time crunched and stressed

college student. Living a healthy lifestyle is possible in between all the New York pizza and

nights out at Fenwicks. Moderation is the key.

Week 1: How I Did It


For anyone that’s in the same boat as I was and strives to shed extra pounds, here a list of the most effective tips I found that helped me lose about 15 pounds.

 1.) Your health is 70 percent what you eat and 30 percent working out, ALWAYS

REMEMBER THIS. We really are what we eat. To lose weight, eat better and to tone up,

work out in Draddy or Van Cortlandt.

 2.) Take control of your eating habits. What we put into our mouths is arguably the most

control we have over anything in life. Count calories in moderation; try to eat simple

foods like fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc.

 3.) Beware of misleading labels, just because something says fat free does not mean it’s

healthy. What it does mean is that the fat has been replaced with extra carbohydrates

which turn to sugar as we digest them and in turn makes you gain weight. No part of the

food pyramid is the enemy.

 4.) Get enough sleep. Being sleep deprived makes you gain weight, try to get your 8+ hours

a night. This can be tricky in college, but it’s vital to set aside enough time to get a good

night’s rest.

 5.) Drink as much water and tea as you can, this alone helps you lose weight. It is vital

to stay hydrated. You’re already dehydrated if you become thirsty. Carrying around a

reusable water bottle is a good way to guarantee this.