Seven Questions about MC You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask

Many students wonder what Memorial Hall is actually used for. Photo by James O'Connor.
Many students wonder what Memorial Hall is actually used for. Photo by James O’Connor.


It takes more than knowing what a Jasper is to be considered an expert in all things Manhattan College. After four years, students should be proficient and knowledgeable on an array of MC facts and topics, but there always seems to be those few questions that remain unanswered around campus.

In some cases these questions go unanswered because they’re from a freshman too shy to ask or a junior or senior who have been here too long to not know. Sometimes they’re questions that nobody knows the right person to ask or that everybody has a different answer for.

In an effort to clear up some misconceptions and mysteries, here are some of the answers to those frequently wondered, but rarely answered questions.

1. Where is my mailbox?

For students who live in Jasper Hall, Chrysostom Hall and Overlook Manor, mailboxes are located on the second floor of Thomas Hall. Residents living in East Hill or Horan Hall can find their mailboxes on the main floor of their respective building. To pick up packages, all students have to go to the mailroom on the first floor of Horan Hall. For information regarding individual box number and combinations, residents should see their own RAs.

2. What is the difference between the Financial Aid office and the Bursars office? When do I go to each?

The two offices do often collaborate in the handling of students’ financing and both can be found on the first floor of Miguel Hall. However, the two offices do in fact have different focuses. The Student Accounts and Bursar Services office manages student accounts including collections, refunds and charging services. The Office of Financial Aid Administration works directly with students on matters pertaining to their financial aid packaging, which includes loans, scholarships and FAFSA information.

3. What is Memorial Hall used for?

Students walk past it on the quad everyday and rarely have a reason to go into the big brick building opposite Smith Auditorium. Memorial Hall is home of offices such as the Registrar, Study Abroad and College Development offices.

4. What is the difference between dropping a class and withdrawing from a class?

Add/Drop week is the first full week of the semester. During this time students can add or drop a class to their schedule without repercussions. After that time, a student is no longer able to add a class to their schedule, however they may still officially withdraw from a course. The period to withdraw is indicated on the academic calendar. If a student withdraws, they will have a W on their transcript for that course and will be financially liable for the credits.

5. When will the Ray Kelly Commons be completed and open for use?

Construction on the exterior building is estimated to be complete in July. It is scheduled to be open to students in the fall of next semester.

6. Is there a lost and found? If so, where is it?

Yes, there is. The lost and found is actually located in the Public Safety office on the first floor of Jasper Hall.

7. Do guests have to pay for meals in Lockes?

Yes and no. Guests are entitled to one free meal, but students have to get a meal pass from the ID office, located on the second floor of Thomas outside of Café 1853. When you go to the ID office, make sure to bring your guest’s guest pass; that is the only way you will get a free meal pass. So, if your guest is visiting on a weekend, be sure it stop in the ID office by Friday.