Fate of SpringFest?

Above, students enjoying SpringFest 2013. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons Flickr.



When Manhattan College students hear the words barbeque on the quad, carnival and nighttime concert one thing comes to mind. SpringFest. This year, however, students should expect big changes to this all-day celebration in an effort to curb the unruliness that marked SpringFest of 2013.

“It’s definitely going to be different this year,” director of student activities John Bennett said.

The changes to the spring weekend will also include a new name. So far, new name ideas have been JasperJams, JasperPalooza and Spring Weekend.

The highly anticipated event is will now be extended to a weekend event as opposed to just a one day event. The weekend of April 26 and 27 will consist of a concert during the day and a nighttime activity on Saturday followed by Dorm Wars on Sunday.

This test run is bound to excite some and annoy others. Upperclassmen may be bitter about the changes to one of their most anticipated events of the school year. Freshmen, on the other hand, will have nothing to compare the jamboree to. 

“How it’s been in the past should stay. All students should not be punished for last year’s issues,” junior Ciara McGinley said. “Incoming freshmen and seniors who are graduating are not going to be able to have an awesome day of SpringFest for the first experience or their last year here at Manhattan.”

Typically, Dorm Wars is scheduled for a separate weekend but Student Activities has decided to add it to the schedule because all the students that will be on campus.

“To be honest with you, I think this is actually a better schedule that students will like,” Bennett said. Another big change to the schedule is that there will not be a barbeque or carnival during the weekend.

The concert will be held during the day, leaving time at night for the activity that Bennett has not announced yet. Rest assured, Bennett promises that it is going to be “very cool.”

Music wise, students can expect a concert that will be much different than last year’s performance by Alesso. Ultimately, it will not be electronic dance music.

“Last year’s SpringFest was fun but music like Alesso isn’t for everyone,” sophomore Ashley Bright said. “I’m hoping for something a bit calmer and relaxed this year. I’m happy that it’s a weekend event and not just one day.”

That being said, some students may even prefer a more peaceful sound as opposed to last year’s high energy atmosphere. It is not likely that each and every student will be a fan of the performer that comes.

“There’s not going to be any Alesso type dance party or anything. We definitely got our marching orders about what can and cannot happen on campus. It has to be calmer and calmer doesn’t mean it’s not going to be a current person,” Bennett said.

Use of hard drugs, hospitalizations and even arrests were just a few of the issues that resulted from SpringFest on April 20 of last year. Properties on and off campus were wrecked, triggering many complaints from neighbors.

“The biggest thing for students to know is don’t worry, you’re going to have a weekend with a concert and I feel like that’s the biggest thing they’re worried about,” Bennett said. “It’s still going to be fun it’s just definitely going to be different.”