People of Manhattan: Patricia Egan

“It bothers me how much emphasis we all put on how we appear to other people and how we all live in fear of being judged by other people. We’re constantly having to worry about our image and how other people view us rather than worrying about who we are as people and individuals. We work more on how we appear rather than who we … Continue reading People of Manhattan: Patricia Egan


Interview Conducted by Megan Dreher “I went to London for a study abroad over winter break, and aside from taking a class, we got to see a lot of tourist attractions. I got to see the fireworks from the London Eye. I also drank Roman bath water, and it was really gross, but it was still a cool experience. Also, super weird, but I had … Continue reading PEOPLE OF MANHATTAN: Jordan Bautsch


“I think part of why I’ve never left the Bronx is maybe being stubborn, but I also didn’t want to feel as though I had been driven away, and that’s what a lot of people have said. There’s something very life-giving about being in the Bronx. It’s very interesting. It’s a little bit edgy. It kinda keeps you on your toes, sometimes in a bad … Continue reading PEOPLE OF MANHATTAN: Lois Harr

People of Manhattan:Rocco Marinaccio

“Most broadly, my scholarly interests are 20th and 21st century American literature and culture. Within that, I am interested particularly in cities and urban experience, in food studies, and also in Italian American studies. That is really diverse and sometimes it makes for a chaotic research agenda, but what I often find is that two or three of those interests connect. “I’ve written about Italian … Continue reading People of Manhattan:Rocco Marinaccio