Lack of Open Conversation Leads to Lack of Diversity at MC

While we as humans have a duty to remain globally aware, it is not our responsibility as students of a college that claims to offer a global education to initiate campus-wide conversation about diversity. It is the administration’s obligation to provide opportunities for such discussion. Change in global awareness on this campus will not present itself unless the top-tier of this school makes a conscious … Continue reading Lack of Open Conversation Leads to Lack of Diversity at MC

Snowstorm Response Still Needs Improvement

BY: NATALIE HEINITZ Wake up. Check phone. Jasper 911 text. No class. Yes. This routine has been splendid the past couple of snow days and has given students a couple extra reasons to stay cooped up inside Netflix binging, napping, and putting classes on the backburner. This bliss however, only extends indoors and inside heated dorm rooms and comfortable beds. The second you walk outside, … Continue reading Snowstorm Response Still Needs Improvement

Quick Q&A with The Quad Staff

Who? Natalie Heinitz, Op/Ed and Production Editor Year: Sophomore Major/s: Communication, Broadcasting concentration Minor/s: Government Q: Who would you want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island (& why)? A: I would want my sister. She’s seen too many Lost, Survivor,and The Amazing Race episodes for me to not bring her! Q: Who is your favorite author/what is your favorite book? A: … Continue reading Quick Q&A with The Quad Staff

Reality Meets The Godfather

Pope Francis is no stranger when it comes to making headlines and making moves within the Roman Catholic Church. This is why I wonder if he’s ever seen the Godfather III. It is fascinating to be able to draw parallels to pop culture, even if it’s pop culture from 1990. Pope Francis’ reoccurring refrain of “Who am I to judge?” has left mouths agape all over … Continue reading Reality Meets The Godfather